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The Ultimate Guide to Personalized Luggage Tags: Top Picks for 2024

by sophiajames

In the realm of thoughtful, travel-related gifts, personalized luggage tags reign supreme. Far from being mere accessories, these tags offer both practicality and sentimentality, ensuring that your loved ones can easily identify their luggage at crowded airports while adding a personal touch to their travels.

The Significance of Personalized Luggage Tags

Luggage tags might appear trivial, but they play a crucial role in quickly locating one’s suitcase amidst a sea of similar bags or in the unfortunate event of lost luggage. Moreover, they serve as canvases for personalization, allowing for initials, names, significant dates, or heartfelt messages to adorn them, making them truly unique gifts.

Tailored Tags for Every Traveler

From graduations to spontaneous adventures, there exists a personalized luggage tag suited for every occasion and type of traveler. Brands like July offer customizable options featuring college block fonts ideal for the freshly graduated, while rugged wooden or brass tags cater to the adventurous souls exploring the great outdoors.

The Selection Process

In our quest to uncover the finest personalized luggage tags, we embarked on a thorough investigation, scouring the depths of the internet and drawing upon our expertise in travel products. With a keen eye for quality and personalization, we handpicked a selection that encompasses durability, style, and customization options to suit diverse preferences.

Top Picks for Personalized Luggage Tags

1. Mark & Graham Fillmore Luggage Tag

Crafted from buttery vegan leather and coated with a protective TPU layer, this tag offers both style and durability. Personalization options include vibrant shadow monograms, ensuring easy identification on the carousel.

2. Neiman Marcus Graphic Image Luggage Tag with Buckle

Featuring an elegant gold buckle and privacy flap, this leather tag offers sophistication and functionality. Choose from a variety of colors and monogramming options to create a bespoke gift.

3. Tumi Alpha Luggage Tag

Sleek and simple, this tag from Tumi complements any bag effortlessly. With complimentary monogramming services available, add a touch of personalization to elevate your loved one’s travel experience.

4. Away Luggage Tag

Known for their quality luggage, Away delivers with customizable tags available in an array of colors and monogramming options. Treat your loved one to a touch of luxury with this personalized accessory.

5. Charming Man Elegant Monogrammed Gold Brushed Metallic Luggage Tag

Crafted from durable acrylic and finished with a metallic hue, this tag offers a unique alternative to traditional leather styles. Personalize both sides with initials, names, or addresses for a memorable gift.

6. Orvis Engraved Brass Luggage Tags

Ideal for families, this set of three brass tags combines style with practicality. Customize each tag with up to four lines of information, ensuring easy identification while traveling.

7. Leatherology Deluxe Luggage Tag

Crafted from full-grain leather, this tag exudes luxury. Choose from various personalization options, including debossed initials or hand-painted letters, to create a bespoke gift for your loved one.

8. Mark & Graham Signature Luggage Tag


Customize this leather tag with up to 14 letters or numbers, elegantly debossed in silver or gold. With a privacy flap to protect personal information, this tag is both stylish and secure.

9. Personalization Mall Classic Mono

Crafted from alderwood and paired with a leatherette loop, this tag is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Personalize the front and back with names, initials, or a custom message for a thoughtful gift.

10. Pottery Barn Emery Bone Leather Luggage Tag

Featuring premium pebbled leather and a gold buckle, this tag exudes sophistication. Add a touch of personalization with gold or silver foil stamping for a truly bespoke gift.


In conclusion, personalized luggage tags offer a thoughtful and practical gift option for any occasion. With a myriad of customization options and high-quality luggage tags materials, these tags not only enhance the travel experience but also serve as lasting mementos of cherished memories. So why wait? Elevate your loved one’s travels with a personalized luggage tag today.

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