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Which Apps Are Going on Trend in USA?

by shafiqgujjarch

We’ve all heard about Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, but which ones are going on trend in the USA? These apps help you stay connected and keep in touch. However, if you’re wondering which ones are going to be the next big thing, consider some of these: social media, business, and video-calling. Each of these types of apps has its own uses and appeal. Listed below are the top five apps that are currently on trend in the USA.

On-Demand apps

If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, you’ve probably noticed that On-Demand apps are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is growing in popularity because it makes it easy to meet the needs of consumers while delivering services faster and more conveniently. As more businesses switch to on-demand platforms, it’s important to stay ahead of the game by incorporating these platforms into your business.

On-Demand apps let people hire products or services for certain purposes without the need for training or experience. Some examples include Uber and food delivery services. However, highly skilled professionals will be looking for ways to join the on-demand workforce in other industries. One example of this would be healthcare and medicine. The new trend could bring on-demand nurses and specialists to the fingertips of consumers. And, of course, consumers can book those services via the apps.

Social media

More than 40% of US adults use Instagram. Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat are also very popular. Snapchat is particularly popular with younger users. The number of people using Instagram is increasing. Nearly three out of every four adult US users are on the app. Another new social platform that is rapidly gaining popularity is Reddit. This social media platform is popular with users aged eight to fifteen. And it seems that more people are using social media to connect with friends and share photos and videos.

The US has one of the highest rates of social media adoption worldwide. Only Europe and Western Africa have higher rates. Seventy-two percent of Europeans and Americans regularly log into social networks, compared to only four percent of Africans. The US is more favored by women than by men, with 78 percent of women using social media. However, women dominate social media usage: they are more likely to use Facebook than men.


Despite concerns about security, video-calling apps are on the rise in the United States. The need for human connection will likely continue to drive the growth of video-calling services. Once the current COVID-19 lockdowns have been lifted, 85% of users plan to continue to use video-calling services. This is great news for consumers who may have been unsure about using video services.

After COVID-19, decision-makers have had to rethink the use of teleconferencing. Government lockdowns and social distancing protocols were implemented without warning. The only way to maintain normalcy in the post-covid landscape is to use video-calling apps. This growth also presents a huge opportunity for developers, as generic apps have been replaced by more sophisticated solutions.

Business apps

As more businesses turn to the web to keep their customers and clients informed, business apps are becoming more important than ever. The average business website provides a boring contact form where customers can contact the company. This not only wastes time, but also pushes potential customers away. With business apps from takes app, customers can send feedback without even leaving their home or office. This is especially useful for service-based businesses, where customers are often scattered around the world and unable to leave a voicemail.

Shopping apps

The recent pandemic and COVID-19 virus epidemic in the United States have sparked increased consumer interest in e-commerce, but brick-and-mortar stores are still popular, too. The latest research from Sensor Tower has found that mobile app installs for top brick-and-mortar retailers increased by 27 percent year over year. Meanwhile, mobile app downloads for top online retailers increased by 14 percent.

While both platforms have unique strengths, Android is showing great promise in the ongoing platform wars. Shopping apps on Android from Pure APKS were highly engaging. Users spent an average of 2 billion hours per week in May 2021, an increase of 51% year-over-year. In addition, Android offered a $5.13 cost-per-install that was 55% cheaper than iOS. Furthermore, it also had a higher install-to-action rate, while iOS only had an 11.3%.

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