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What is an advertising agency’s function? How does it function?

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What is an advertising agency’s function? How does it function?

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What is an advertising agency? What function does an advertising agency belfast? How does it function?

There are so many unresolved questions that our advertising agency will attempt to address today.

In order to proceed, it is important to first define what an advertising agency is and what makes one up. After that, we’ll examine the purpose of an advertising firm and discuss its past.

Let’s begin, though, by defining an advertising agency.


What exactly is a marketing firm?

An organisation that focuses on creating advertising and promotional campaigns for its advertiser clients in the main media is known as an advertising agency, often known as a “video production service in belfast.”

Corporations or companies whose goal it is to promote their goods or activities are known as advertisers who work with advertising firms. An advertising campaign’s goal is to improve a company’s reputation in the marketplace and build its brand image in order to boost earnings.

To execute the advertising campaign for one of its customers, the advertising firm must adhere to certain requirements.


  1. Implementation of strategic planning
  2. Research and graphic design of advertising spots
  3. Purchase of advertising spaces
  4. Distribution of announcements

The goal of media-broadcasting commercials is to effectively deliver the advertising message to its intended audience.

The advertising firm had to adjust to a market that was always shifting. “Traditional advertising agencies” or “classic advertising agencies” have been obliged to adjust and implement some changes in their approach to internal communication as a result of the entrance of new information technologies.


The advertising agency must adapt

Because of this, an advertising agency can go by a number of names today. These include communication agencies, media agencies, SEO agencies (also known as referencing agencies), web agencies (also known as web agencies), and marketing agencies. These names are not in short supply these days to qualify as an advertising agency.

We can, however, tell specialist advertising companies apart from international advertising agencies. While a global agency will be in charge of the communication strategy as a whole in order to coordinate the numerous marketing strategies in order to best serve the advertising of the brand, a specialised agency will focus on a particular requirement.


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Advertising in the media is intended to promote sales. The advertising agency is often associated with a public relations agency (or PR agency or press relations agency) because of its close collaboration with the media and the press.

The means of communication used by advertising agencies

To carry out their promotional campaigns, advertising agencies will use several communication media: press newspapers, advertising sites, traditional communication media such as print (creation of advertising posters, brochures and leaflets, flyers, sales brochures)…

However, Internet media is today the main marketing channel used because of its strong propensity to disseminate mass communication to a large audience. The advertising agency will for example be able to create a website to then reference it on Google or even carry out an Adwords advertising campaign, animate a blog, advertise on social networks… the possibilities of broadcasting the advertising message are nowadays many thanks to the proliferation of information technologies.

To this, we find two classic means of communication used by advertising agencies: cinema and television. The latter, however, requires a higher advertising budget to disseminate its promotional message.

Advertising agencies are on the rise

Since the 2000s, the internet has largely contributed to making publicity bodies known and making the dissemination of its message accessible thanks to the profusion of means of communication. This is how advertising on the internet and on the web has spread. Just look at the very lucrative advertising program put in place by Google Adwords.

Adwords campaigns meet a simple need: simple and effective ads on the net when an Internet user types in an informational or commercial request.

The Google Adwords advertising program has several advantages for advertisers:

  • Advertising budget management
  • Precise targeting of purchased keywords
  • Clear definition of your audience
  • Choice of cost-per-click (CPC) or per-impression (CPM) billing
  • Audience analysis tools and campaign measurement
  • Targeted traffic generation
  • Campaign and click-through rate optimization

Although the Adwords advertising program has many advantages, the main attraction for advertisers is to be able to provide an advertising message response adapted to the purchase intention. Defining this simple objective is attractive when optimising advertising costs is essential.

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Who is an advertising agency for?

Advertising agencies have commercial enterprises as their main client type. They are indeed the main advertisers of this advertising format. The goal is to promote their brand image and increase the sales volume of their products. Increasing the awareness of their brand is the central driver of any advertising strategy put in place by companies.

The dual purpose of advertising is always the same as a general rule:

  1. Increase visibility
  2. Increase turnover

These goals are less measurable depending on the advertising channels chosen. The main differentiating element in Internet advertising consists precisely in its ability to make almost all advertising marketing actions measurable.

The origins of the advertising agency

According to Wikipedia, the story goes that the first advertising agencies date back to the Middle Ages. This seems surprising because our communication agency lets you imagine an advertising agency at that time. Afterwards, if praising the products is likened to advertising, then why not.

The funny thing about the evolution of advertising is that terms related to the advertising domain can change over time. In the past, for example, not so long ago, advertising was associated with the term “réclame”. If you were born before the 90s, you surely remember those spots and advertisements, when you were watching television and your favourite presenter said to you during the TV show “come on, it’s time to advertise” and you had several minutes of commercials for commercial brands.

There is also an excellent television program devoted to advertising, it’s Culture Pub: as its name suggests, Culture Pub brings together the best advertisements in the world. This program often shows funny and original advertisements.

Looking at the evolution of advertising, there is a strong causal correlation between the rise of consumer markets, the era of industrialization and the growth of advertising.

It makes sense at the same time when you think about it. The more offers you have coming to market, the greater the competition. It, therefore, seems necessary to stand out in order to make your brand known to the general public. And that is precisely the purpose of advertising.

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It has become the spearhead of any commercial enterprise wishing to make its activity and its products known to potential customers.

However, it will have to wait 3 centuries for advertising to debut on the radio since it was not until 1920 that the broadcasting of advertisements took place on the radio. As for television advertising, we had to wait until 1968 with the advent of consumption and supermarkets.

Nowadays, advertising has become almost essential for any company wishing to be competitive in a competitive market.

One of the first French companies to have used advertising was surely the brand detergent Bonux offering advertising gifts to fulfil a double commercial objective: to attract new prospects and to retain existing customers.

From the 1970s, advertising communication strategies integrated marketing to act directly on the market. Today, it has become very easy to measure the return on investment of an advertising campaign by analyzing product positioning and brand awareness.

From 1992, the world of advertising was the subject of a certain regulation thanks to the Sapin law in order to put an end to abusive commercial practices. Some advertising professionals had in fact made too large margins to the detriment of the client.

Today, the purchase of advertising space has become more accessible for advertisers. The price varies greatly depending on the media, however. When it comes to press media, for example, the price of placing an advertisement skyrockets.

If you would like our advertising agency to support you in setting up your communication project, we can orchestrate all advertising promotion techniques. We have the ability to anticipate trends and detect the slightest movements of society. Our advertising agency will be able to adapt to your needs and your budget.


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