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What is a Patriot Payroll, and What does it Entail?

by tina_wagner
Patriot Payroll

Patriot Payroll is a full-featured accounting and payroll program with several integrated add-ons. The system’s basic functionalities support basic payroll activities, while extra features allow it to serve as a full HR suite. This web-based payroll solution processes payments, calculates taxes, generates reports, tracks time and attendance, and keeps track of receipts.

Insights and Benefits of patriot payroll

Explain the tax settings during the setup procedure. With standard payroll processing, you can calculate taxes automatically, avoiding the chance of human error. Ensure that the system is tested and audited regularly.

  • User-friendly: So, users should guide through the payroll process, and it should be simple to use. Use the free trial to determine if it’s right for you. Take things slowly, and don’t get too caught up with the problem.
  • Easy to personalize: Payroll settings can be customized, and payment methods can be selected from various options.  So, it can adjust Different business and payment criteria.
  • Scalability: Change prices and other capabilities to match the needs of any size business. Users can also cancel at any time without incurring a fee. Allow for expansion while ensuring that the company is not unduly costly.
  • To protect data, use encryption and systems that are bonded and audited. Ascertain the accuracy of the data.

Competence in the field

According to Researcher’s assessment, Patriot Payroll is a simplistic payroll tool with some essential HR functions. Therefore, users appreciate the ease of use and believe that help is quick to respond, understands the issue, and provides adequate resources. 

  •  It is valuable because the features are well understood. Particularly for insurance forms and tax collecting capabilities. 
  • Consumers praised the smooth deployment process, which they claim aid from a knowledgeable support team
  • Overall, the reviewers thought the pricing was appropriate considering the capabilities. Consumers disliked the requirement for a four-day advance time for average ACH funding for direct deposits. 
  • So, small businesses that desire to move their payroll online may find this software a good fit.

Main Characteristics

Payroll Processing:

  1. With three steps and local, state, and federal taxes, use Payroll.
  2. In addition, add employees, create receipts, examine payment dates, pay bills, print records, and build receipts.
  3. So, you can accomplish this with Payroll by accepting credit card payments, estimating and transmitting, importing bank transactions, reconciling accounts, and handling papers and tickets.
  4. Organize garnishes, PTOs, and W-2s.

Create and store invoices and arrange recurring bills

Calculate taxes, file them, and pay them. So, to assist with tax calculations, choose the basic subscription package, and it does not, however, assist in collecting or paying taxes. Time of Balance and Activity Tracking: Use the Employee Portal to keep track of your time of balance and activity.

Attendance and Timing

Extra time and attendance services are available for a fee and will allow customers to view their time cards electronically and assist in clocking in and out.  Therefore, add basic HR features to the payroll solution for a price. This add-on allows users to share employment history, census data, and documents with employees. Run cash-based and deposit-based accounting. Assist accountants with their responsibilities.


Download documents in PDF or CSV format from year to year. Filter by check, employee, location, or total to find what you’re looking for. Contributions, deductions, income, employer payments, hours worked, and withholding taxes are all available. So, a tax liabilities report might help you identify potential concerns. The program can use on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

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