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What Are The Tips To Maintain Kanjivaram Silk Sarees?

Tips To Maintain Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

by kajal76
Bridal sarees

Sarees are a favorite of every Indian bride. A saree might be the appropriate garment for a woman to wear for any event before or after her own wedding. Nothing comes without a little effort, women. Kanchivaram sarees are recognized for their opulence and are frequently passed down as heirlooms from one generation to the next. These bridal sarees are treated as if they were royal jewels or diamonds. A Kanchipuram saree is a must-have for any Indian woman because it transforms her into a goddess! But, with such sarees, comes a great deal of responsibility for keeping them beautiful and long-lasting. In this post, you will read about the tips to maintain Kanjivaram silk sarees:

How to keep them in the wardrobe:

Kanchipuram sarees can be stored in a number of different ways. They simply cannot be hung on metal hooks with your other sarees or clothing.

  • Wrapping: When it comes to keeping silk sarees, one rule of thumb is to wrap them with paper or cotton cloth first.
  • Exposing to sunlight: Before putting your Kanchipuram sarees in the cupboard, expose them to sunlight. This is necessary to keep their luster and color.
  • No metal hangers: These sarees should never be hung on metal hooks like the rest of your clothing. This may leave permanent scars on your Kanchipuram sarees, rendering them worthless.
  • Folding separately: Silk sarees should never be stored together. Each Kanchipuram saree must be kept in its own cotton cover. However, you must fold each of these independently before proceeding. You can buy and explore the different, unique, and trending soft silk sarees online.
  • Changing the folds: Your ancient silk saree will most likely have developed creases. Changing the folds on a regular basis will help to avoid this.

How to iron it properly?

Because Kanchipuram sarees are so expensive and delicate, ironing them requires extreme caution. If you aren’t careful when ironing, these can be easily ruined. To learn more about this, consider the following suggestions:

  • Never use more force when ironing: Because these sarees are delicate, ironing them with your hands should be done carefully. Excessive force can cause the saree to burn.
  • Switch on the right temperature: Never iron your Kanchipuram saree at a temperature that isn’t recommended for silks. Set your iron’s temperature to silk and then start ironing.
  • Create a cover: This saree should never be ironed without a top covering. Cotton cloth is usually used to cover these sarees. This is done to prevent the saree from being burned.
  • Use steam iron: When ironing this saree, always use a steam iron to remove all wrinkles and give it a clean look.

Washing Your Sarees:

Avoid washing your pricey sarees too frequently. If you’re going to wash them, do it in the saltwater first. The color will last longer as a result of this. Wash a portion first to see if there is any color bleeding. Allow it to dry naturally. Wash each saree separately rather than mixing them in the tub.

Hence, the above-mentioned are the tips to maintain Kanchivaram silk sarees. Hope this article will help you. Happy Shopping!

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