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What are the Documents required for WPC ETA Certificate in India?

Corpseed provides free consultation to get a WPC ETA Radio Frequency certification process guide in India. We provide WPC ETA Certification with affordable rates and high-quality services for your business.

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WPC-ETA is an authorization issued by the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing of the Government of India, Department of Telecommunications for Radio Frequency in India. The WPC ETA is a radio frequency certification given by the Wireless Planning Council to use technology for commercial purposes. The WPC ETA certificate is a mandatory certification whose import and sale for GPS, Wi-Fi, RFID, wireless meters, FM Transmitters, Bluetooth devices etc. It is also responsible for issuing RF device/equipment approvals and licenses to manufacturers, importers and dealers in India.

Corpseed provides WPC Certificate for wireless equipment, GPS satellite receivers for vehicle tracking, wireless bridge, Wi-Fi card, USB data cards, Bluetooth transmitters, FM transmitters, etc. We are helping companies to make WPC ETA Certification for their product. We offer one of the best services for WPC Certification in Delhi, India. The goal of our firm is to minimize your troubles by providing complete help and advice on WRC Rules. We will also guide you on WPC Certification Cost and Test procedure.

We provide the best quality products to our customers as per their requirements also at nominal prices. Any Indian manufacturer, importer, or exporter dealing with telecom products is required to register themselves to exercise the right to sell and manufacture telecom products in the Indian market. We ensure that you get all the documents needed for your registration without any hassle and you get all the information through our consultancy services.

Documents Required for WPC ETA Certificate

  • RF Test report per either FCC or ETSI for Product.
  • RF report must contain below details and be from an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Laboratory.
  • Authorization Letter and ID Proof for Signing the Documents issued by Head of Manufacturing Unit.
  • Document describing technical details about product – like, user manual.
  • Out of band emissions.
  • Peak power.
  • Occupied bandwidth.
  • Power spectral density.
  • Frequency range.
  • To get WPC Certificate, it may take 2-5 working days.

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