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Ways You Can Use Bean Pods Around The Home

Ways You Can Use Bean Pods Around The Home

by eamze65


If you’ve ever wondered what to do with those extra bean pods lying around the house, wonder no more! In this article, we’ll explore some of the many ways you can put them to good use. From crafting to cooking, there are plenty of ways to make the most of these little treasures. So next time you have a few leftover bean pods, don’t throw them away – put them to good use with one of these creative ideas!

Uses for Bean Pods

There are many ways that you can use bean pods around your home. Here are a few ideas: Use them as compost in your garden. Bean pods make excellent compost material because they are high in nitrogen. Use them as mulch for your plants. This will help to keep the weeds down and help your plants retain moisture. Use them as fire starters. Bean pods make great fire starters because they burn slowly and evenly. Place a few bean pods in your fire pit or fireplace before light. Use them to make homemade paper. Bean pods can be used to make beautiful, handmade paper. Grind up the pods and mix them with water to form a pulp. Then, follow the instructions for making paper from scratch.

How to Make a Bean Pod Wreath

Looking for a unique and natural way to decorate your home for the holidays? Try using bean pods! Here’s how you can make your bean pod wreath: Start by cutting each bean pod in half with a sharp pair of scissors. You should end up with around 50 halves. Next, take your hot glue gun and attach the bean pod halves to the wire wreath frame, overlapping them as you go around the circumference of the edge. Once the bean pods are in place, let the wreath dry for a few hours before hanging it up. And that’s it – you’ve now made your very own Bean Pod Wreath!

How to Make a Bean Pod Candle

If you have ever seen a bean pod candle, you know that they are beautiful and fragrant. They make a perfect natural decoration for any room in your home. But did you know that you can make your bean pod candles? Here is a simple tutorial on how to make a coffee near me candle: Start by collecting some dried bean pods. You can find these at most craft stores. Cut the bean pods in half with a sharp knife. You will need about ten halves for each candle. Place the bean pod halves in a glass jar or container. Pour melted wax into the jar, filling it to the top of the bean pods. You can use any wax, but soy wax is best. Place a wick in the center of the jar and let the wax cool and harden. Trim the wick to about ½ inch above the wax and light your candle!

How to Make a Bean Pod Birdhouse

Making a bean pod birdhouse is an excellent option if you’re looking for a fun and easy project to do with your kids or even yourself, making a bean pod birdhouse is a great option! All you need is some dry beans, some string, and a few other household supplies. Start by creating a hole in the center of each bean pod. This will be the entrance for the bird. Once you have all your holes created, string them together with about 2 feet of space between each pod. You can then hang your birdhouse from a tree or any other suitable location. Bean pod birdhouses are a great way to attract birds to your yard or garden, and they also make lovely gifts!


We hope you found our tips on using bean pods around the home helpful. From natural air fresheners to stress-relieving toys, there are endless possibilities for what you can do with these versatile little pods. Do you have other ideas for using bean pods around the home? Let us know in the comments below! We hope you enjoyed our tips on ways to use bean pods around the home. From making natural dyes to using them as fire starters, there are various ways to take advantage of this versatile plant product. Do you have any other ideas for how to use bean pods? Let us know in the comments below!

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