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Understand The IB Approach For Students Learning At Home

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Minimizing education stress and streamlining the learning process is an imperative way to ensure students’ success. With the increasing proliferation of international curriculum being followed at different schools, learners get actively involved in interactive-based learning.

Despite that several students feel stressed at home while undergoing a continuous learning process. However, some renowned IB diploma teachers have shared useful tips for young learners to maximize learning success.

After learning the unique set of challenges and roadblocks for students while learning at home, here we have three imperative ways to develop:

  • Self-management
  • Learning confidence
  • Research skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Develop better communication

So, without any further adieu, let’s get started on the tips.

  1. Set up a proper study space

In order to experience study-related self-management by transitioning from school to home study, make sure to create a comfortable space. It must be a productive space at home that is quiet and organized while having all your study material easily accessible.

Be it like any small and solitary room where you have decided to attend the school from home must have a proper study desk. If you have shared space at home for study purposes, then make sure to set up an area in the corner with your desk and study material.

The next essential tip to follow is freeing yourself from all sorts of distractions. Be it the sound of the television, outside commotion, or even the distraction of your smartphone. Devote a few hours only for the school study and do nothing else. At least, the IB curriculum allows you the flexibility to get indulged in an activity-based study program to learn and collaborate effectively.

  1. Proper video conferencing software

The most relevant aspect of a home-attending school is your video conferencing setup to stay visible to the eyes of teachers and fellow students. As per the newly initiated school management in India system, now you have the flexibility to attend virtual classes, interactions, and discussions.

Simply take it as your opportunity to effectively learn and enhance your knowledge further in a comfortable home environment. In terms of the video conferencing setup, make sure you have a fast internet connection, strong network connectivity, hardware alignment, etc.

  • Keep your microphone muted while attending the classes and unmute it while speaking.
  • Stay in one single place while attending classes while having a neutral background.
  • Dress in school uniform every single day.
  • Be punctual on your time and keep study material easily accessible.
  1. Visualize your study day & schedule

Every student has a different way of learning along with distinctive situations, learning times, demands, and other scenarios. It is imperative to create your routine well in advance and study according to that.

Simply understand the liberty of studying under the IB curriculum that focuses more on getting involved in activities and collaboration. Sometimes, it is the collaboration with other students to learn quickly and effectively.

So, accordingly, manage your study schedule flexibly to stay vacant during the time of learning activities. Also, do a little bit of research on the topics that you will study in the next class to increase your participation and interaction level.

Apart from that, further, follow the additional tips as follows:

  • Create a daily schedule that works best for you.
  • Go to bed and stay awake at the same time every day (early sleep and early awakening).
  • Eat healthy meals regularly and do some physical activity.
  • Fix a time for doing homework, signing up for emails, completing assignments, and more.
  • Turn off school after substantial hours to get relief from there.

Study and self-management are essential under the rapid transition of study schedule and way of learning. Be an effective part of the international study curriculum to extend the horizon of your knowledge and stay at home flexibly.

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