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Types of Services in Facility Management

What are Hard and Soft Service Facilities Management?

by Rajan Sharma
Types of Services in Facility Management

Facility management services are combining with multidisciplinary activities as a result of market evolution and demand. To establish a warm and comfortable working environment, integration must satisfy requirements and address problems. This blog highlights both Hard and Soft as types of Services in Facility Management.

Additionally, a wide variety of facility management services are available; these services are primarily separated into two groups, known as soft and hard facilities management. In this article, we’ll explain the many kinds of facilities management services and how to use facility maintenance management software to put them into practice.

What do we mean by facility management services?

Facility management services integrate people, place, process, and technology to assure the functioning, comfort, safety, and efficiency of the buildings and grounds, infrastructure, and real estate. Here are a few examples of facilities management services:

  1. Operations management
  2. Maintenance management
  3. Hospitality management
  4. Communications management
  5. Environment management
  6. Project management
  7. Real estate management
  8. Property management

In a nutshell, Hard Facilities Management (Hard FM) and Soft Facilities Management are the two major divisions of the entire facilities management field (Soft FM).

Hard facilities management services: what are they?

The administration and upkeep of the building’s structural components are included in hard management services. Hard FM is required by legislation for every building since it protects the health and welfare of workers.

Examples include:

  1. Heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC)
  2. Lighting
  3. Drainage
  4. Electrical
  5. Mechanical
  6. Air Conditioning
  7. Gas and Plumbing
  8. Lifts and conveyors
  9. Fire Safety Systems
  10. Building Maintenance

Importance of Hard FM

Hard FM aimed to provide management services along with reactive and preventive maintenance. Hard FM, in contrast to soft FM, is machine-intensive and centered on assets. The core business and cost management are significantly impacted by these maintenance services. Hard FM’s features make sure that the infrastructure is secure. In addition, the major objective is to prevent unscheduled downtime and maintain a particular standard of service, as well as to maximize the ROI and extend the life of each asset, boost compliance, and prevent workplace accidents.

Soft facilities management services: what are they?

The services that are used by employees directly are known as Soft management services. Soft FM is frequently defined as services and amenities that improve the workplace by enhancing its efficiency, security, and comfort. These kinds of amenities are optional, and you can pick out from these, what is required in your organization.


  1. Security
  2. Catering
  3. Car parking
  4. Landscaping
  5. Interior decor
  6. Window Cleaning
  7. Mail Management
  8. Waste Management
  9. Building fabric repair

Importance of Soft FM:

Soft services have a significant impact on the happiness of your customers and staff, even when they do not directly affect the company’s earnings or losses. Although quite different from hard FM, soft FM is just as significant. Your company will have a cleaner workplace because too Soft FM’s commitment to providing a clean atmosphere for its employees.

For instance, would your staff be able to work peacefully if the restroom at your company was dirty? Without a doubt, soft FM can assist you in streamlining these procedures in accordance with the health and safety regulations.

Integrated facilities management services and specialized services are the two main categories of facility management services.

Integrated Facilities Management Services

The safety and security services provided by this sort of facility maintenance management service include high-quality security trained professionals, central security patrols, and central security control rooms. In addition to these, the services also cover safety and security deliverables, periodic inspections and vulnerability assessment, and the development of policies and procedures for information protection. Companies use the newest products and processes, as well as a variety of other technical equipment, to provide commercial building facilities management services. Additionally, these businesses provide pest control services by organizing pest management plans and methods and employing eco-friendly chemicals.

Additionally, they provide trustworthy and excellent housekeeping services with the aid of a qualified workforce, top-notch cleaning supplies, and cutting-edge technology. Also, they manage garbage and waste, including non-hazardous household waste. The businesses that provide FM services don’t just work with businesses; they also handle residential property management, which involves upkeep, building development and remodeling, problem-solving, security, cleaning, and other daily operational management.

Specialized Services

Various energy audits, training services, and other specialized services are available. Complete analyses of building and utility data are included in energy audits. Along with cost-benefit analysis, they also plan the possibility for predicted energy savings. They also evaluate energy conservation strategies in addition to this.

Companies that offer FM services also offer strong training programmes that may be tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the enterprise. Additionally, they aid in team development and offer concrete advantages. In addition to all of this, they also plan enjoyable learning activities to guarantee that knowledge is applied in real life.

How should I pick a facilities management company?

To achieve the best possible business operation, both soft and hard services are essential. The primary distinction between them is that although soft FM is regularly updated in accordance with corporate needs, hard FM is consistent. We will give you access to a facility checklist to assist you in determining the types of services that are absolutely necessary for your company.

  1. Locate all of the necessities.
  2. Know your corporate objectives.
  3. Recognize the clients, consumers, or individuals who will use the service.
  4. Recheck every part of the company. (Because the needs and criteria vary depending on the type of business, the nature of the neighborhood, and the buildings.)
  5. Check to see if the current facilities require any upkeep.
  6. Next, look for and eliminate any features that are duplicates.

The Benefits of Facility Management Services

Early problem detection and a focus on preventative measures rather than pricey remedies can help you save money and cut down on inefficiencies. Additionally, it enables your facilities to operate more efficiently for both your personnel and tenants. The following are some advantages of using a facilities management service provider:

  • Experts manage and maintain your facilities.
  • The price is reasonable. Problems are identified and prevented sooner.
  • Increases the asset value of your company. A well-kept structure increases its worth.
  • Simplifies the procedure. Seasonal landscaping upkeep and maintenance services are offered in accordance with well-planned programs.
  • Updated and satisfied health and safety regulations
  • Lessening of the owner’s pressure and tension

Poor facilities management often has a negative impact on employee morale and retention. This study revealed that an unhappy employee can cost a business anything up to more than 2 lakhs every year.

Having the facility management can also mean:

Showcase your company’s values and ethos

  •     Increase productivity
  •     Maintain a high retention rate of staff. They know what to expect, and they feel valued
  •     Increase the staff’s awareness of their surroundings and pride in helping to maintain them
  •     Increase in building sustainability: this lowers your running costs and increases efficiency


You don’t have to handle everything on your own when installing and maintaining facilities with assets on your property. You may rely on the greatest FM software in today technologically advanced and modernized world to share your workload and to provide your clients with a consistently high-quality job.

Choosing a top facility management services for your company may seem a little overwhelming right now, but we are here to guide you through the process. To discuss your unique needs and go over any of our services, get in contact with our knowledgeable team.

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