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Trip to San Juan for your holiday

Trip to San Juan for your holiday

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San Juan is an idyllic destination for all age groups. You can come here to watch out for tall beautiful buildings. The city is crammed with various museums.

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Fort San Cristóbal

A UNESCO World Heritage Site awaits you all. Come to this site that is quite similar to El Morro Castle. Adore the site that is the vast fort in America. There is a huge rush of people who visit Fort San Cristóbal. Enjoy your trip to watch out for many variations in Fort San Cristóbal.

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El Morro Castlen

The most famous site in the city is the El Morro Castle. Lots of people hop into this famous tourist destination. you can learn here about sharing the defenses in Old San Juan. This location is also called the Castillo San Felipe del morro. Enjoy the site that has been constructed under Spanish rule.

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San Juan Cathedral

This site offers a famous San Juan cathedral. People come here to get immense peace. People love to visit this famous location present in the Old San Juan. Pay your visit to this unforgettable church. Adore the imposing structures like El Morro Castle.

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The Mall of San Juan

A mall in the city is the best area to stroll. You can also wander in this mall located close to San Juan International Airport. People come here to spend some gala time in Malls. Visit this site to enjoy the ride to the Mall of San Juan. You can also have a stream of delectable food and drinks. This mall is the most visited site having brands like locating Saks Fifth Avenue, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Gucci, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

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El Escambrón beach

If you love the beach area, then hop into El Escambrón. The beautiful spot by the ocean is located nearby the Old San Juan and Condado. Come here to enjoy a perfect destination for spending a day.

Art galleries

There is a various site that offers many art galleries in San Juan. Hop into Galeria Botello to look up an art gallery. Also, visit Galeria Petrus famous for its vigorous art communities.

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Street art in Santurce

The San Juan area of Santurce is full of eccentric artworks. Visit the city’s capital’s emerging art popular for graffiti. There is a huge fan of this site. you can visit the street art to collect and display social issues in colorful events.

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