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Top 10 Online Earning Platforms For Students

by kimberly shaw

Who doesn’t love extra money? With the extra money, we can buy multiple stuff that we dreamed of and fulfill our critical and necessary needs in daily routine life. But to have money, we must struggle hard to earn and do full-time and part-time jobs. A student can’t do a full-time job while studying at a school, college, or a university.

A part-time job is a more struggling job for students to do by earning less money. Nowadays, the internet has come up with the facilities to work from home, which is easier for students. It is reliable and manageable work for students who can easily do it from home. Many online platforms provide students with opportunities to earn money by utilizing their skills.

Spending time streaming videos, playing games, and other stuff will not be worth the time. Instead of doing these activities, students can use online platforms to get money. The extra money will help students give their parents a helping hand to get groceries and pay bills. Or they can buy stuff or go shopping, to restaurants, amusement parks, etc.

There are many online platforms all over the world providing online jobs for job seekers. Online platforms have plentiful options for students to select jobs based on their skills. It also helps students hone their online work skills to be more potent and confident about their work. Here are some of the Top 10 Online Earning Platforms for Students.

  • FreeCash
  • YSense
  • Amazon
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Swagbucks
  • Validately
  • Zirtual
  • MiPic
  • Meesho


FreeCash is an online earning platform that allows students to make money working from home. It provides remote jobs where they can work from home in their free time. FreeCash offers instant cashouts without any hassle. It is the most trusted and the best website to earn money online.

It comes up with a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. Students can work on projects and instantly withdraw their money through PayPal, Crypto Currency, and gift cards like Zalando, Netflix, Spotify, Google Play, and others cards. Students must create an account to signup and create a compelling profile that has to be SEO optimized and well-managed.


YSense is a fantastic online earning platform for students that offers different ways to earn money. It is a secure and reliable platform with an effective user interface. On this platform, students have to write a comment or give a review of a company service by filling out the survey form.

It is a free earning platform where students must fill out the survey form and get money. YSense also includes other online earning methods with a sound cashout system. It helps students to do work from their homes at a suitable time. Students can also earn money through its referral system to refer others.


Amazon is one of the best and the leading online earning platform for everyone to earn money from home through remote job opportunities. It is a fully trusted platform with thousands of making opportunities. Students can become Amazon affiliates and create free accounts by visiting its affiliate program.

They have to give a website link for registration; if students have no website, they can share their Facebook page link. Students can also check the traffic of their account and observe from where the bound and unbound traffic is coming. After account creation, students have to promote the product’s affiliate link. Students will get a fixed commission as the product is purchased from their link.


Upwork is a well-known earning site worldwide that gives higher-paying projects through a secure network. It allows students to work remotely from anywhere, anytime. Students must create a portfolio by mentioning their considerable skills, such as content writing, blogger, accounting, marketing, etc.

Contractors and other IT companies higher them and offer them a project at high payments with time duration. Students have to complete projects on time to get their trust, so in the future, they will hire them for their projects. Upwork charges a little bit of commission from their earnings.


Fiverr Workspace, formerly known as AND.CO is a cloud-based solution for freelancers and small company workers that aims to expedite the process of time and expenditure monitoring by providing capabilities like invoicing, contract generation, time tracking, expense tracking, payments, and more.

Working as a freelancer, small company owner, or self-employed individual may be time-consuming and tedious. Fiverr Workspace aims to streamline these processes. The cloud-based solution is backed by native smartphone applications, which are available for iOS and Android devices, and provides an accessible dashboard for functions such as time monitoring and cost reporting.


Swagbucks is one of the best services available for taking surveys online. Students may pick how they want to earn points, such as by participating in surveys, online shopping, watching films, playing games, finding offers, and so on.

Students will receive a ten-dollar welcome bonus after completing the registration process, which is entirely free. In the future, Students can redeem their points for cash back through PayPal or gift cards to their preferred online retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart.


Validately is one of the most successful platforms for making money online. Students will just be required to do a few activities, share their thoughts and ideas, and respond to specific questions on their perspectives on a website or mobile application. There is always an opportunity to complete the assignment.

Because not every tester or participant would meet the requirements for all activities, students will be notified through email about any available tests. PCs with microphones are required, and Chrome and Internet are needed. Students must speak English well.


Zirtual is an online earning platform that helps students to make extra money. As a virtual assistant, Students can work from home and accept work from customers who don’t have the time to handle, such as organizing meetings, paying bills, booking trips, and other administrative tasks.

Typically, discovering such websites to make money provides less motivation for work. Still, with Zirtual, students may earn from 12 to 15 dollars per hour at the beginning and hundreds of dollars per month from these Online Earning Websites. As they progress in their career and gain more knowledge and expertise, they can bring in more than $5,000 monthly.


MiPic is an online platform that allows art enthusiasts, photographers, and others to print, buy, and sell photographs. Photo prints, canvas paintings, t-shirts printed with students’ designs, and even wallpapers for students’ pillows are all examples of the high-quality images and patterns available.

MiPic is one of the most incredible places to make money online since it lets students show appreciation for artists in various ways. Students may sell their photos on this platform and get a more than 20% commission. Printing students’ images is a novel method to enhance their morale and earn extra money.


Meesho is one of the reselling industry’s platforms, expanding at one of the highest rates. Students should have no trouble making 25,000 to 30,000 rupees a month with Meesho. This app is accessible to both users; for example, if students have a product they want to sell, they may sign up to become a supplier using the app.

The most excellent part about this is any goods. Students may sign up as a reseller even if students don’t have any products of their own to sell. Students’ sales will be delivered under the name of their own business, so that’s a plus. Their shops may be up and running in minutes if students have a mobile phone and internet access. It is only accessible to users in India at this time.


Create a backup source of income. The websites mentioned above can generate revenue using user-friendly and dependable online money-making platforms. So, even if you lack technological expertise, you may start earning money now. You may raise your income effectively using this method.

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