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Top 10 Indie Horror Games for Halloween 2022

The leaves are turning, the light is sinking early, and Halloween is here! Don't miss our list of the top ten greatest indie horror games!

by bombresolve

It’s that time of year! Halloween is near as the leaves change and the light sets sooner. No time is better for late-night horror games. The gaming business offers survival horror, psychological horror, and more.

There are some great triple-AAA horror games, but nothing beats a well-crafted independent release. These labors of love are as dangerous as the major games for less money. This article ranks the greatest indie horror games.

Top 10 Best Indie Horror Games, Ranked from Good to Best

Let’s get straight into our list of the top ten indie horror games!

#10. Paratopic

Best Indie Horror Games Ranked | 10. Paratopic
Image: Arbitrary Metric via HGG

Let’s start easy. Paratopic was published in 2018 by Arbitrary Metric. The game may be finished in just an hour, but what you see is incredible. Its tale is unusual since it’s broken up into smaller sections where you play as various people.

You’ll play out of sequence to figure out what’s happening. Anything’s impossible to describe the tale without ruining it, so I’ll simply suggest you should play it yourself. The game plays like a first-person adventure, with a range of missions.

It has PS1-style visuals. This old-school, vintage design has been popular in independent horror games in recent years. The rundown style contributes to the frightening vibe. The game’s characters and monster match this aesthetic. It’s a beautiful scary game.

#9. Doki Doki Literature Club

Best Indie Horror Games Ranked | 9. Doki Doki Literature Club
Image: Team Salvato via HGG

Next on our list of the greatest indie horror games is Doki Doki Literature Club. Team Salvato produced this 2017 psychological horror game. As you play, the game’s art design and gameplay become…weird. Once-wholesome dating sim becomes grim, violent horror game.

I find the gameplay repetitive. You’ll read, interact with characters, and play minigames. If you appreciate visual novels, you’ll adore this game. The only change in gameplay is the game’s tone.

Psychological horror fans should play this game. The game does a great job of drawing you into the story and making you care about the characters. The visual novel style may put off some gamers, but the engrossing story and twisted expectations make it worthwhile.

#8.Bendy and the Ink Machine

Best Indie Horror Games Ranked | 8. Bendy and the Ink Machine
Image: Kindly Beast via HGG

Bendy and the Ink Machine follows. Kindly Beast created this five-episode horror game. You play as Henry, who is asked to visit an animation company he co-founded with an old buddy.

Once you enter the abandoned studio, you find that ancient cartoon characters have returned to life. You’re imprisoned in the studio and must escape. You’ll encounter characters from 1930s and 1940s American cartoons.

It’s a first-person horror game. You’ll avoid creatures, solve puzzles, and gather stuff. The game’s art style is distinctive. It looks like a hand-drawn cartoon, which conveys the ambiance and idea. Overall, it’s a wonderful, scary experience.

#7. Mundaun

Best Indie Horror Games Ranked | 7. Mundaun
Image: Hidden Fields, MWM Interactive via HGG

Next on our list of the top 10 greatest indie horror games is Mundaun. MWM Interactive publishes Hidden Fields’ game. Psychological terror with mountaintop battle. You play a young guy who travels to his grandfather’s property after receiving a letter stating he perished in a barn fire.

Things aren’t what they appear when you arrive. Folklore fills the game’s environment. You’ll encounter various unusual enemies as the game progresses. Well-written mystery involving primary enemy and your grandpa.

Survival horror-like gameplay. You have a pitchfork and (later) a gun. These are your sole weapons against nightmarish monsters. Solve puzzles, talk to NPCs, and explore a complex universe. This game’s world area and hand-drawn art style create an extremely frightening mood.

#6. Little Nightmares II

Best Indie Horror Games Ranked | 6. Little Nightmares 2
Image: Tarsier Studios, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via HGG

Tarsier Studios’ Little Nightmares II is number six. This 2D platformer resembles a Tim Burton film. A youngster wearing a paper bag on his head navigates a purgatory-like area while dodging creatures.

The game has no conversation and is narrated via character actions and stages. You may play this Little Nightmares sequel without having played the original. I liked the sequel’s narrative more than the first.

This is a puzzle-platformer game. You’ll explore a 2.5D universe while avoiding danger. If you can, utilize a gamepad instead of a mouse and keyboard. If you like chase sequences in horror games, you should consider this one.

#5. Poppy Playtime

Best Indie Horror Games Ranked | 5. Poppy Playtime
Image: MOB Games via HGG

MOB Games’ Poppy Playtime is halfway down our list of indie horror games. Its well-made puzzles and scary gameplay stunned gamers in 2021. Only the first two chapters are accessible, therefore it’s not a completed game.

The plot is like many horror games. You arrive at an abandoned toy factory and are imprisoned by a research experiment gone awry. Now you have living toys. It’s Toy Story as horror. All the creatures seem menacing in the gloomy settings you explore.

Chase sequences are among of the scariest in these games. When not running, you’ll use retractable hands to tackle problems. This game’s setting is my favorite. It’s wonderful to see kid-friendly indoor play spaces in a horror game.

#4. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Best Indie Horror Games Ranked | 4. Five Nights at Freddy's
Image: Scott Cawthon via HGG

Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s is number four! This game got wildly popular in Summer 2014. You’re a security guard working the night shift at a pizza shop where animatronics come to life. It’s a powerful, heart-pounding game that still worries me.

You’re given plenty of cameras to track each animatronic, and you must lock thecorrect doors and utilize the lights to keep them away. Your equipment uses up limited power. Once it’s gone, you’re helpless. The game has loud jump scares (which are the best or worst part, depending on who you ask).

I love this game’s idea. As a youngster, I was scared by Chuck E. Cheese’s music-playing robots. Someone turned a childhood phobia into a horror game, which is great. Creepy animatronics in a kid’s pizza shop at night. Character designs have aged nicely, too.

#3. Cry of Fear

Best Indie Horror Games Ranked | 3. Cry of Fear
Image: Team Psykskallar via HGG

Cry of Fear by Team Psykskallar is ranked third. Simon plays this survival horror game. He’s lost in Sweden amid an apocalypse. As you explore the game, you’ll uncover more craziness.

It’s a scary game. This is partly owing to its many jump scares. Constant jump scares keep you on edge, as you expect something fresh to shock you. Its plot is well-done and covers mental health issues (trigger warnings abound).

Gameplay-wise, you may utilize several weapons. Melee weapons, handguns, shotguns, and an assault rifle are available. The shooting seems awkward and antiquated, but it adds to the survival horror, making the game gripping. You’ll face a variety of well-designed, terrifying foes.

#2. Night in the Woods

Best Indie Horror Games Ranked | 2. Night in the Woods
Image: Infinite Fall, Finji via HGG

Night in the Woods is my second-place selection. 2017’s Infinite Fall game. This game is unlike the others on this list. It’s a psychological horror, yet it’s not scary nonstop. If we were ranking games purely on sheer fright factor, I’d rate it lower.

You play as Mae, a college dropout returning to her hometown. Through the game, you’ll discover a stunning plot. Night In The Woods is one of the greatest psychological horror games I’ve played. The game’s well-written, engaging characters get you engaged before things turn frightening.

2D platformer featuring NPC conversation and minigames. The game’s gameplay is easy since it’s story-focused. As a family, you’ll explore Possum Springs. If you like slow-burning games that become intense when terrifying, this is the game for you.

#1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Best Indie Horror Games Ranked | 1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Image: Frictional Games via HGG

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the final of our top 10 indie horror games. Frictional Games developed this 2010 classic. You play a guy who awakens in a strange, gloomy castle. Amnesia, you must locate and murder Alexander.

The disturbing mood is well-made. You’ll traverse dark passageways, subterranean torture rooms, and more as you solve puzzles and avoid dangers.

If you’ve played a game where you flee from a monster and hide in the dark, you may recognize this one. This game popularized horror games. You’ll also need to manage your sanity gauge, which goes down if you remain in the dark too long or are attacked too often. It’s a must-play for Halloween.

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