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Top 10 Best Gemstone Beads in San Francisco

Since gemstones are one of the most important elements in jewelry making, it's important to choose high-quality gemstones when you're out shopping for new jewelry supplies and tools. The following list of San Francisco gemstone beads should be helpful to you, whether you're looking for pearls, opals, jade, or another type of bead that's made from a natural stone or crystal. We've tried to include as many choices as possible in this list.

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#1 – Ethical Lapis Lazuli beads

Ethical Lapis Lazuli is mined in Afghanistan, where almost 80% of blue gold production takes place. The remaining 20% is mined from Africa and elsewhere. The deep, rich blues are attributed to a high content of iron within Lapis Lazuli gemstones. For millennia, Lapis Lazuli has been regarded as a symbol of royalty, power, and truth. It has also been treasured for its metaphysical properties including healing, psychic abilities, and protection. Lapis Lazuli is an opaque rock that has been prized for thousands of years for its deep blue color.

#2 – Amazonite Beads

Amazonite beads are typically set in gold-filled or sterling silver and make a great choice for spring and summer jewelry. They also pair well with warm metal tones, such as copper and bronze. Since Amazonite is mostly found in Brazil, it’s available only through small jewelry artisans most of these artisan jewelers design their original pieces featuring Amazonite; which means that your stones may vary slightly from one bead to another. If you’re looking for just one stone, though, we’d recommend Amazonite beads—they’re beautiful and will add an organic element to any piece you create. Here are some things you should know about Amazonite:

Be careful not to expose them to water! Even if they’re treated, amazonite stones can still become dull if they get wet too often.

#3 – Malachite Beads

Much like a tiger’s eye, malachite is a chatoyant stone (one that reflects light through its cut surface) with a streaked appearance. It ranges from lime green to blue-green and is said to be associated with courage and wisdom. You can buy beads in either natural or dyed form and use them on bracelets, necklaces, or earrings as you like! Malachite is known for balancing energies and promoting feelings of calmness. A lot of people find it easier to work when they wear malachite jewelry because it helps relieve stress, allowing your mind to become more focused and clear. Some people even say it brings creativity out of them; if you want an artistic boost without having to put much effort into thinking up new ideas, consider getting some malachite beads today from GemsBiz!

#4 – Apatite Beads

Apatite carries blue, yellow, and green energy. This stone is said to be very powerful as a facilitator of change. Apatite is said to be a strong attractor of love and also said to enhance creativity, self-expression, imagination, and dreams. To benefit from its power it is suggested that you keep it near you at all times. Apatite beads are relatively inexpensive which makes them ideal for jewelry makers who are just starting or those on a budget. The name apatite comes from the Greek meaning to deceive because of its varied coloration. Because apatite has an unusual crystalline structure it can appear differently depending on how light strikes it and because each crystal is unique, no two stones will ever look exactly alike.

#5 – Diamond Beads

Diamond beads are beautiful and valuable, but they’re also popular with thieves. If you purchase diamond jewelry to be used as beadwork, make sure that it is appropriately secured so that it doesn’t end up getting stolen. This can help protect your investment—as well as other people who might happen upon your beaded piece of art! -Don’t take your diamond beads outside unless you have a way to secure them against theft. – Use non-glare glass when making a beaded item that will remain outside; non-glare glass makes it more difficult for thieves to identify high-value items (and diamonds!).

#6 – Fine Quartz Crystal Beads

Also known as Rock Crystal, Quartz Crystal is a kind of silica-based mineral. Clear quartz crystals are among some of the world’s most potent natural energy amplifiers and cleansers. A fine specimen can help to clear up life’s little distractions, manifesting your deepest desires. The healing power of quartz crystal is said to help one align with their spirituality. For a truly phenomenal experience, you may want to invest in some faceted quartz crystal beads that have been polished for your pleasure.

#7 – Natural Turquoise stones Beads

Natural Turquoise stones are one of a kind and add a unique character to any piece of jewelry. They are very strong but can chip if they strike other hard substances. These stones also contain cracks that penetrate throughout their surface, so it is important to be careful when handling them as they might break into pieces if crushed. But as long as you handle these stones carefully, they will add a unique sparkle to your designs and bring out an air of natural beauty.

#8 – Moonstone Beads

Moonstone is a variety of feldspar. It’s a lovely shade of pale, milky gem that can have a bit of pearly sheen or shine to it. If you want something to reflect light, then moonstone would be an excellent choice. If you need gemstones for darkly toned pieces such as necklaces and bracelets, moonstone might not be what you want because it won’t stand out very well against darker hues. Moonstones will make your jewels with their blue flashes.

#9 – Rose Quartz Faceted Beads

Rose Quartz is naturally soft, so it’s great for use as jewelry. Even though you can find Rose Quartz in a variety of colors and patterns, it is not often clear. Faceted Rose Quartz beads bring out all of their natural color variations and detail. Faceting also helps to create an interesting texture to add visual appeal to your work. These beads are perfect for bracelets and necklaces that you want to stand out from other pieces you might have on your body or around your neck.  When choosing these faceted beads, look for ones with a rich pink hue rather than white-pink varieties; they will give you more vibrant hues. Rose Quartz is easy to clean and comes with a fair price tag.

#10 – Black Agate Beads

This gem is known for its dark and deep brown or black color, which stems from iron oxide. It is commonly used to create a wide variety of jewelry items, including rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Black Agate bead chips can also be used to create various decorative pieces of furniture. As if that wasn’t enough, Black Agate is considered one of April’s birthstones due to its popularity during that month.


All gems should be graded, tested, and authenticated by a laboratory before they are purchased. This will ensure that you receive top-quality gemstones at every stage of your jewelry making. Also, if you do use a setting that allows some light to pass through your gem, make sure it’s not too much. You want just enough light to show off its beauty, but not so much as to distract from your setting or other jewelry elements.

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