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Tools of Translation: Mockup of a… Family Register Certificate – Japanese

by mohammedyusri

After working for some time as a translator in Singapore, either freelance or at a certified translation company in Singapore, it becomes clear that one would have to employ ways to streamline the process to remain viable in this competitive field. One such method to do so has been mentioned before, the use of mockups that contain no private data and can be safely used by language professionals as reference materials when performing jobs such as providing a legal translation service or reviewing a notarized translation. Of course, one could simply redact a source document one previously worked on to save the effort of typing and formatting, but that still runs the risk (however small) of the document being leaked and recognized elsewhere and damaging your (and/or your company’s) reputation, even if no personally-identifying details have been left unconcealed. The best and safest method is making a mockup yourself, such as the excerpts below of a mockup of a Family Register Certificate from Japan.



Registered Domicile                                       |           2-2 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan


Name                                                               |           Ren Sato


Family Register Matters                                  |

Family Register Compilation              |           [Date of Compilation] 1 January 2011


Person Recorded in the Family Register        |           [Name] Ren

|           [Date of Birth] 6 June 1977

|           [Father] Fuyuki Sato

|           [Mother] Tsumugi Sato

|           [Relationship] Eldest Son


Personal Matters                                             |

Birth                                                    |           [Date of Birth] 6 June 1977

|           [Place of Birth] Chuo-ku, Osaka

|           [Date of Birth Notification] 8 June 1977

|           [Notification Filer] Father

|           [Receipt Date of Notification] 10 June 1977

|           [Notification Receiver] Mayor of Chuo-ku,

|                       Osaka




The above are the details of the document holder, typically the first lines read on most Family Register Certificates from Japan. A certified translation provider in Singapore will of course know to pay particular attention to the names and the dates. Family names are written first in Japanese, and Japan has its own calendar date system, which must be considered in detail when translating it to a date in the Gregorian calendar (i.e. the calendar date system better known to most English-speaking countries).


Those whose duties include legal translation services for citizens of Japan should also be significantly familiar with the recently-shown entries and their format, and should also be well aware that such a document can include multiple members of a family (such as a spouse and one or more children). A similar list of details for each family member is provided further down the document in order (the spouse, then the eldest child, second eldest, and so on). As can be observed, the entry titles and the order in which they appear are also nearly identical, so later parts of the mockup like this can be produced much more quickly. A document like this is usually between one to three pages, so simply spending a modest amount of time creating a mockup of this in the present can save one much more time in the future. An easy choice to make for anyone who has made a career out of delivering certified document translation services in Singapore to others.

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