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Things to Consider While Designing Cosmetic Boxes

by Keira Henry
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The cosmetics industry, just like every other consumer products’ industry is all about providing the customers with a wholesome branding experience. Today, you cannot do without a customized cosmetic boxes if you want to be recognized as a brand in the market. A well designed package helps earn and retain the customers. A customized eco friendly cosmetic packaging which has your company’s logo printed on it provides your brand with a face. It is the outfit that your product wears before moving to a retail shelf. So, it must be designed thoughtfully and creatively. 

The cosmetic boxes are going to help you beat the competitors with a professional appearance. They help add value to your cosmetic products. Besides, they protect you against damage and help inform your customers. These boxes are printed with all the necessary information about the product, its ingredients, and the guidelines about using it for best results.

In short, the packaging today has a comprehensive, and much wider role to play. It is the face of a brand. Even the colours you use on your box are going to help your customers recognize you in a sea of brands selling the same products. Hence, be very careful while you get your boxes designed from a packaging company. 

Be Very Vigilant about the Accuracy of Colours

When it comes to the precision of colours? Perhaps no other industry is in such a dire need of it as is the cosmetics industry. This is especially true for such make-up items as lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes, bases, and so on. The packaging boxes for such makeup items need to mention the exact shade of the product. The slightest difference here can be devastating for the company and completely tarnish its reputation.

Besides, when you are designing a custom box which is going to represent your brand in the market, you must be very vigilant about the colour your brand is going to wear. The highly precise colour, as the one you select from the company’s palette, cannot be attained until the packaging company is using the quality inks and the advanced printing equipment. So, when you narrow down on a packaging partner for your brand, make sure, they have the latest machinery and they make use of the highest quality inks to bring about the most accurate results. 

Always Ask for a Mock Up

All those wholesale cosmetic boxes manufacturing companies. Which are trying to stay above board in their dealing always offer a mock up for their customers. Most of the packaging companies provide a complementary 3D or flat sample. It is very helpful in visualizing. How your box would look like with all the printed graphics and text in the end. 

However, it is always suggested that you go for a physical mock up. As well before you seal a deal with your packaging company. A physical sample can help you get a clear idea about how well your product will fit in the box. i.e. the accuracy of size and shape can be fully understood only with the help of a physical sample.

Moreover, it gives you a clear picture of the quality material your packaging company will use for your boxes. It also lets you get a physical feel of the final finishing provided by your packaging company for your boxes. 

So, it might cost you a bit to go for a physical sample. It will surely provide you with peace of mind and save you from a lot of disappointment at the later stages. Hence, it is highly recommended that you go for a physical mock up.

Try the Extra Printing Options

Some additional printing options can go a long way in providing your foundation boxes with a unique look which helps attract the customers’ attention. The retail packaging is all about novelty, and for that you have to try something extraordinary. 

Most of the packaging companies are offering a wide range of advanced printing options for cosmetic boxes. Which help give the cosmetics boxes a character of their own. For example, some of the very commonly used printing options. They include embossing and debossing to give your logo a 3D appearance, spot UV for an extra bit of shine to beat the competitors. Gold and silver foiling for a premium outlook, and others. 

Although, it might seem to be an additional printing cost. In fact, these advanced options are an investment. Through which helps enhance your brand’s image as a premium brand. These options help to make your cosmetic boxes look unique. More get noticed and enhance the sales for your company in the longer run. So, do not hesitate to try something extra to go an extra mile ahead of others. 

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