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The Future of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

by McCollins Media

Social media platforms are gaining popularity steadily. Of the 4.66 billion individuals on the earth who have access to the internet use social networks or more than 80% of them. and an increase in this share is predicted!

A few years ago, receiving likes from friends and family would have made us pleased; today, however, we exchange advice and expertise, advertise services, purchase things, etc.

Numerous well-known businesses, ranging from food producers to sizable automakers, already actively engage with their customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites. Some companies have even abandoned their websites in favor of social media. 

What will happen next is an urgent question given how quickly the world is changing. Will all aspects of life transition to virtual reality? What can we anticipate from users and advertisers on social media in 2022 and beyond? Does social media promote business growth? Undoubtedly, yes. Are you in search of social media agency in Dubai? Then McCollins Media is here to help you out.

This has led to an increase in mobile device usage and the sharing of increasingly fascinating content. Let’s go over a few predictions about social media’s future.

Increased Security and Privacy:

Privacy issues are a major topic that demands consideration when social media is taken into account. This has happened because people are aware of how their data is used on social media.

Due to privacy concerns, “dark social” would be more popular in the future. This is a reference to secure online communication, like email or instant chat. Dark social is also thought to be responsible for about 84% of consumer outbound sharing. There is a chance that things will get better in the next few years.

Artificial Intelligence:

To integrate AI into our daily lives, experts are working. AI will be integrated with social media in the future for improved functionality and features. In addition to functioning just like us, chatbots will appear more human. Services powered by AI will replace customer support.

Video Content:

It’s accurate to say that there is more video material on social media. Statistics show that social media videos are five times more engaging than other content types like text, photographs, etc. This implies that social media will likely keep adding more video content in the future. Live videos have grown in popularity recently on social media.

Less Typing:

Voice and image searches will make up about 50% of future web searches, according to reports. There would be major advancements in voice and picture searches in addition to audio sample messaging. This method would regard typing on social networking sites as being archaic.

Social Media Advertising:

In the near future, voice and image searches will make up about 50% of all online searches. Voice and image searches would make substantial advancements in addition to audio sample messaging. Typing on social networking sites would be viewed as obsolete using this method.

Role of Mobile Devices:

Mobile devices are used by 91% of social media users to access their preferred channels. In what ways does this affect marketers?

For mobile apps, social networks already offer customized ad formats. Mobile-only advertising will grow even more in acceptance.

Future estimates place the number of people using mobile devices to access social media at around 3 billion. It is also projected that future generations will browse social media on their phones. The architecture of future social media networks would therefore take mobility into consideration.

 Influence Marketing:

These days, influencer marketing is growing in popularity on social media platforms. Businesses pay influencers when their work helps market their products to audiences.

Brands must search for trustworthy influencers if they want to reach their target consumers. Influencers do have fans, and they might make money from influencer marketing.

Social media might change at any time. The potential for social media to develop is limitless. Outsourcing of a professional social media company in Dubai helps to build the social media profile of your company. Social media will replace other traditional business and marketing strategies in the upcoming years. Social media platforms are being used by experts to increase opportunities and make life easier for everyone.


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