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The English Sentence and Benefits of Tongue Twisters in English

by Asfandkhan77

Who does not want their children to excel in using the English language effectively? Every parent wants to give the best education resources to their children for a better and brighter tomorrow. Students of English who learn the language struggle a lot to adopt the correct syntax in the beginning. The English sentence indeed filled with lots of interesting factors that intrigue and confuse the learners at the same time. These factors can range from letters to grammatical structures, tones, audiences and contexts of usage of sentences. 

When we go for an in-depth study, we see that there are various types of sentences depending on the words and punctuation used in those sentences. Students need to learn the reasons, formats and correct usage of different English sentences for their own benefit in developing language skills while learning English. The benefits seen in classifying an English sentence according to the contexts it is used in – like in formal and informal situations. 

Resources on different types of English sentences are available on various websites that are trusted when it comes to educational material. Books can also referred to for better access to study material and practice exercises. Practice is a must for students who want to excel at identifying all major techniques and points involved in categorising an English sentence. Learning should not be limited to this. Students should also listen to audio recordings that show the usage of different forms of English sentences. Listening enhances one’s speaking skills – thus leading to good communication in English in any instance of life. 

Parents who want their children to understand the various types of sentences in English should focus on providing mandatory daily conversations that contain different forms of English sentences. In this way, children will be able to grasp the essence of contexts, tones and syntax in different types of sentences in English from a very young age. 

How to Use Tongue Twisters for Language Development in English 

Tongue twisters are an interesting way of developing fluency and proficiency in the English language. Many might think it is to improve speech impediments in children, but no. Tongue twisters are tools that can help develop speaking skills of any language and can practised by any kind of learner – may it be a beginner or a learner at an advanced level; may it be a child at kindergarten level or an adult who is learning English as a second language from scratch – it is a must for all. Tongue twisters in English not only help in pronunciation but also set a correct base for language syntax that we might not be initially aware of while practising. 


Here are some tips on how to use tongue twisters in English step by step for beginners. 

Firstly, as students of a language like English, we should read the given tongue twister carefully to understand the meanings of words and the contexts in which they used. As we read, we should figure out the prominent parts of speech used in the sentences, like nouns, verbs, adjectives and conjunctions. This will give us a clear idea as to how and with what purpose the sentence framed. 

The next step is to figure out the correct pronunciation of each word. If you are not sure, you can use a dictionary to figure out the correct pronunciation of the words. Online dictionaries are much easier to use than paperbound dictionaries, as the online dictionaries have pre-recorded audio files of the pronunciations, whereas in offline paperbound dictionaries, we have to learn the phonetic symbols as well to decipher the correct form of pronunciations. 

Last but not least is the gradual increase of speed in uttering the tongue twisters. It might not be easy for everyone to conquer it in one day, but daily practice will definitely make things easier for the learner. Selected tongue twisters that help learners pick up spoken English fast are available on trusted educational websites. Students can easily pick any tongue twister of their choice and interest and practice it on a daily basis for improved pronunciation and speaking skills. 

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