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The Digital Marketing Template: Mapping a Customer’s Journey

Mapping a Customer’s Journey of Digital Marketing Template

by marryjames
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When time is not a serious factor, it is best to work on your marketing assignments independently. To that end, here are some ideas on the subject to help you out.

A Digital Marketing Template for Customer Journey

The generic digital marketing template that maps a customer’s journey offers a handy roadmap for businesses to shape their marketing endeavors.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of each stage of that process.

Step 1: Awareness

For a customer to engage effectively with a business, they must be aware of their existence. Ads remain one of the most commonly employed vehicles for making ones’ presence known and boosting awareness.

There are other powerful tactics for spreading the word, chief among which are:

  • Search marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Community management
  • Copywriting

Step 2: Engagement

Once a prospective buyer becomes aware of a business and definitively engages with them, a budding relationship is in the making. It is now time to engage them using appealing content that attracts them.

Step 3: Subscribe

Once a buyer showcases interest and increases engagement, businesses should convince them to share their contact information to keep in touch. Email marketing comes into play right here. So, Subscriptions are another effective way where customers give their data and permit a business to contact them in the future.

Step 4: Convert

If the subscribers remain engaged, then a specific percentage of them may look to increase their level of engagement. However, businesses must remember that the connection is still fragile, so it is essential to take small steps.

Now is not the time to think of profitability; instead, one must focus on converting prospects into buyers and look for ways to ramp up their commitment levels.

Step 5: Excite

As the customer makes their first purchase, it is time to acquire their trust further. Show them why their investments were worthwhile and portray the VALUE of their transaction through personalized after-sales services.

Reinforce their relationship with the business, and make them excited for more.

Step 6: Ascend

At this stage, businesses have already gained lead and customers and make sure that they are earning value through their purchases. This is the time to think about profitability.

Provide them with bundle offers, package systems, membership programs, high-end & ancillary purchases as the probability of loyal buyers availing of such services is relatively high.

And, that’s all the space we have for today. Hope it was an exciting and informative read for everyone alike.


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