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Tata Tiago EV the Most Affordable Electric Car

by maheshseo29
The Tata Tiago EV as India’s first electric vehicle in the hatchback segment was launched with significant anticipation. With most of the expectations met, the innovative model follows surprising numbers in overall bookings.  Keeping in account of the bookings PPS Tata Chennai Showroom, the booking numbers look more appealing. The indigenous auto carmaker launched this electric model on 28th September 2022 with better styling, features, and performance. However, the deliveries of this well-developed model are expected to begin early 2023 while the test drives are anticipated to take place in late 2022.
The introductory prices on Tata Tiago EV for the first 10,000 customers are set between Rs 8.49* lakh and Rs 11.79* lakh (ex-showroom). First of its kind in the electric hatchback segment PPS Tata Car Showrooms Chennai receives a great response for Tata Tiago EV. Tata as the most accessible electric passenger vehicle brand and an affordable vehicle in the company’s electric range. It releases Tiago EV in four variants and two battery pack options. A thrilling drive with the safest context is possible with the new Tata Tiago EV Cars 2022.

Top Specifications of Tata Tiago EV

The Tata Tiago EV carries out a distinctive look and adds essence with advanced EV-specific highlights including blue accents. The tweaked bumper adds style alongside a blanked-off grille to the exteriors. It offers features such as push-button start, connected car tech, TPMS, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Adding to it are an 8-speaker Harman audio system, a different rotary gear selector, auto climate control, and headlamps.
The cabin size and spacing is decently enormous in this India’s most affordable EV adding a bigger boot space. However, the boot lacks much more space after replacing a battery pack and missing out on a spare wheel. Overall, the Tata Tiago features perfection that drive the real change to turn premiumness in the segment.

Tata Tiago EV Variants

There are a total of 4 variants in this hatchback model and below are the details for the same:
1.Tiago EV XE
Battery Pack Option- 19.2kWh
What are the Key Features of this variant?
Exterior: 14-inch steel wheels, halogen headlamps, body-colored bumpers, and unpainted door handles.
Interior: Dual-tone cabin theme (black & grey), flat-bottom steering wheel, fabric seats, and digital instrument cluster.
Comfort & Convenience: Automatic AC, a front power outlet, power steering with tilt adjustment function, and connected car technology with features like geo-fence, stolen alert, vehicle tracking, remote AC on/off, vehicle health, trip analytics, and many more.
Safety: Dual front airbags, rear parking sensors, ABS with EBD, speed alert system, front seatbelt reminder, tire pressure monitoring system, impact sensing auto door unlock, speed-sensing auto door locks, and puncture repair kit.
2.Tiago EV XT
Battery Pack Option- 19.2kWh & 24kWh
What are the Key Features of this variant? (over the XE trim)- H4
Exterior: Body-colored door handles, wheel covers, and turn indicators on side mirrors.
Comfort & Convenience: Power windows, electrically adjustable outside mirrors with auto-fold function, day/night IRVM, steering mounted audio & telephony controls, smartwatch connectivity option for connected tech, and follow-me-headlamp function.
Infotainment/Entertainment: 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth, 4 speakers, Apple Carplay and Android Auto, incoming SMS notifications & read-outs, FM, and USB.
3.Tiago EV XZ+
Battery Pack Option  24kWh
What are the Key Features of this variant and is it avaiable at PPS Tata Chennai Showrooms? (over the XT trim)- H4
Exterior: Chrome garnish on door handles, daytime running lamps (DRLs), projector headlamps, hyper style wheels, and front fog lamps with the blue color accent on its housing.
Interior: Chrome garnish on door handles and knitted headliner.
Comfort & Convenience: Cruise control, rear defogger, rear wiper & washer, height-adjustable driver’s seat, rear power socket, automatic headlamps & wiper, rear parcel shelf, cooled glovebox, and one-touch function for the driver’s window.
Infotainment/Entertainment: 4 tweeters.
Safety: Reverse parking camera with dynamic guidelines.
You can book a test drive online at your nearest PPS Tata Chennai Showrooms to experience this variant closely.
4.Tiago EV XZ+ Tech LUX
Battery Pack Option  24kWh
What are the Key Features of this variant? (over the XZ+ trim)- H4
Exterior: Contrast black roof, and ORVMs.
Interior: Leather-wrapped steering wheel and Premium leatherette seat upholstery.
Comfort & Convenience: Push-button start and Electric tailgate release.

Can we charge EV car at home?

Yes, electric vehicles can be charged at home while they are the future too. PPS Tata Car Showrooms Chennai deals with the sales of Tata Tiago EVs that have different charging options to plug in at home or in public places. The major focus of the discussion of an electrified hatchback model such as the Tata Tiago EV is the battery pack and the Ziptron architecture. The charging range with timelines allows it a progressive consideration along with a fast charging capability.
Despite the DC fast charger’s availability at a low scale, they spike the battery from 10%- 80% in just 57 minutes. Instead, the more practical solution is a 7.2kW AC home fast charger that allows faster charging in 3 hours and 36 minutes only.

What is the mileage of Tiago EV?

Tata claims 250 – 315 Km/Full Charge on the Tata Tiago EV model producing a maximum torque of 105, 114 Nm and a maximum power of 60, 77 bhp on the automatic transmission engine. The brand believes this model delivers a mileage of 13.02kmpu with the medium-range variants which come with a 19.2kWh capacity battery pack. On the higher side, 13.12kmpu is the expectation with the long-range variants that comprise a 24kWh capacity battery pack.
It might cover 100km per full charge, as the brand claims. The regenerative braking system, drive mode selection features, and battery management system assists in getting the maximum distance covered per charge. Quick charging options could be featured in the top variants.

Dimensions of Tata Tiago EV

The length of this electrified hatchback model is 3769mm. The width and height measure 1677mm and 1536mm respectively. Tata Tiago EV has a wheelbase of 2400mm while it rides on 14-inch wheels. The size of the wheels is 1-inch smaller than the Tata Tiago Petrol version. The boot space it comprises is 240 liters which is compromised by 2 liters compared to its ICE version. Higher on the scale, Tata Tiago EV Ground Clearance is 166 mm which allows an uninterrupted drive and protection for the car’s underbody.

Tata Tiago EV Color Options

A total of 5 numbers are mentioned by the brand when speaking about Tata Tiago EV colours- Teal Blue, Tropical Mist, Daytona Grey, Midnight Plum, and Pristine White. Adding to it, there’s an option of picking a black-colored sunroof in the top-spec XZ+ Tech LUX trim.

Should I charge my EV to 100%?

The best recommendation is to keep away an EV battery from extreme temperatures while not even rushing while charging. The too-low or too-high levels of charging may reduce the battery performance in a long run. However, car manufacturers install a battery management system in electric cars to avoid issues with the extreme state of charge. Most users believe a 100 percent charge delivers the maximum operating time of the vehicle but can cut off the overall lifespan of the battery.
Avoid the fast-charging option that strains the Tata Tiago battery car and degrades the battery faster. It may be great convenience with fast charging but is never recommended unless an emergency runs in.

How long do electric car batteries last?

It depends on various factors that each brand considers while developing the battery and there’s a difference in each electric car battery’s lifetime. Tata claims a 24kWh battery pack that delivers a Modified Indian Driving Cycle (MIDC) range of 315km for the Tiago EV. Besides, a 19.2kWh battery pack is anticipated to run the Tata Tiago EV at a range of 250km.
Both the battery packs are IP 67 rated and a bigger battery pack keeps the production house running smoothly if the customer’s demand is huge irrespective of the price tag it offers. Alongside, Tata Tiago EV is available in two drive modes and multi-mode regenerative braking includes four levels. The larger battery pack present on the higher version of Tata Tiago EV claims to have a 0 to 60 Kmph time of 5.7 seconds with 74hp and 114Nm.

Does EV need oil change?

EVs never require oil that lubricates the number of moving parts in a combustion engine. The oil mandatory engines for EVs are not the case, unlike conventional petrol and diesel engines that use them. Electric cars manage completely different drivelines and consume a battery while working on an electric motor to move. Hence needless to worry about the oil change topic during EV maintenance tasks.
However, an electric car requires a routine check on the 3 fluids- coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washing fluid. The fluids are a must in EVs although does not require oil. Coolant regulates the overheating of EVs and so requires a replacement during maintenance. A regenerative braking system depends on the brake fluid to work normally and replacement at each point in time brings perfection when applying brakes. Refilling of windshield washing fluid helps the usage smooth as per the requirement.

Inclusions and Exclusions across Different Variants

PPS Tata Dealers in Chennai offers sales, service & delivery of all 4 variants. The entry-level XE variant misses out on various basic features, including a smaller battery pack, day/night rear-view mirror, and power windows. However, for those who are turning up with budget constraints, this basic variant is the best option. Going forward, a height-adjustable driver’s seat and rear wiper are not available with Tata Tiago EV XT, while it covers all other features. Also, with a little compromise on comfort compared to its above variants, this variant can be an ultimate choice for middle-class buyers.
The last-but-one variant XZ+ of the Tata Tiago EV provides comfort much better with competitive pricing for the electric hatchback. The top XZ+ Tech LUX variant comprises all features comparing all the other 3 variants. However, it excludes the rear adjustable headrests which are not compulsion with this segment of vehicle. Overall, the comfort and specs remain ultimate on the top variant, in the hatchback segment.
Tata Tiago EV is the best recommendation for consumers going across the affordable price range for the purchase of an electrifying Hatchback. Walk in or browse our different locations online and find the nearest showroom of PPS Tata Motors Near Me, for users who are location specific in finding desired variants. With a high-on value-for-money, the vehicle provides better features comparing its traditional versions. XZ+ in the Tata Tiago EV is the best option for users looking to afford for worth and top value. Choose the one that suits your expectations when relating to the price tags that remain competitive for this model.

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