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Stuff to Consider Before Insulating Your Attic

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It’s time to take stock of how well your home’s insulation performed in winter as we head into the warmer months. Did the temperature on your property stay consistent? From one room to the next, were you at ease? If not, you should insulate your attic as the issue can be coming from above.

Here are some facts regarding Attic insulation in Barrie, ON you should know before you start.

1- Before insulating your attic, check the area

When investigating your attic, start by looking for indications of water damage. Before installing insulation, any compromised locations that could allow water to enter your property must be fixed.

Water damage can result in mould growth, your belongings’ degradation, and your property’s structural weakness. The rafters will also be examined to ensure they are not drooping and can support the weight of new insulation during a thorough inspection.

2- Ensure that all holes are filled

Make sure to seal any attic openings that allow air from the outside to enter before you insulate. Any air movement results in heat loss when you need it most.

Any difficult-to-see holes can be found with the aid of a specialist. They will check the functionality of your roof ventilation system as well. Then, you’re free to caulk or expanding foam to seal any gaps.

3- Selecting the appropriate attic insulation

Finally, choose the appropriate attic insulation in Barrie for your needs. The type of insulation used will depend on the thermal resistance required, the amount of space available, and the property owner’s budget. There are various types of insulation, including batt, spray foam, and blown-in cellulose insulation.

You can get advice from a professional on what kind of insulation is ideal for your house.

4- Choose the appropriate insulation

The following aspects should be taken into account when selecting an insulating material for your attic insulation in Owen Sound:

R-value: It represents the material’s heat resistance rating. The general rule is that a higher R-value indicates better insulation. Your region may also have an impact on it. Greater thermal resistance is important for homes in colder areas since it keeps more heat inside.

Available area: The quantity of space each material needs to be installed determines how effective insulation is. Therefore, when selecting the kind of attic insulation, it is helpful to consider the area available for insulation.

Cost:Select the insulation type that best fits your requirements and price range.

Wrapping up

Attic insulation is one of the various roofing services that roofing firms do. They’ll thoroughly evaluate your attic and make recommendations for the best attic insulation, ventilation, and air sealing. By giving you sound guidance, they can assist you in lowering your energy costs and extending the life of your heating and cooling equipment. Additionally, they can assist you in selecting the best type of insulation for your attic.

If you require attic insulation in Owen Sound, you can rely on Ainger Roofing.

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