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Strategies to Implement When Playing Online Casinos

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Online Casinos

Online casinos are more popular than ever, with data showing that the market is said to grow to a collective value of $92.9 Billion by the year 2023. These games have come a long way from the site developed by Microgaming in 1994.

By 1998, several online casinos were created that were cashing players out by the millions. Software providers slowly began to understand the significance of security implementation. PlayCheck, an audit software, was also introduced by Microgaming that allowed the platform to monitor and regulate the online casino payout proportion. 

In time, more innovations were implemented. In only a few years, online casino sites were able to provide winnings to players across the world, integrate multiple languages to cater to respective regions, and provide their players with incredible payouts.

All of these components, coupled with the fact that these games are visually appealing and a great source of entertainment, have resulted in online casinos becoming universally accepted sources of amusement.

Understand the Rules

Every casino table game has its own set of rules. So the first thing you should do is try to understand the rules of the respective game so you can play it in the most efficient, effective way possible. Understanding the gameplay is crucial so the best way to master it is by accessing a free or demo version of the game so you can try your hand and see how you fare.

 Beginner’s luck won’t be on your side forever so the primary thing you should focus on is learning the rules of the game and understanding the gameplay well. Take a little time to thoroughly understand the basics, because this will take you a long way down the line.

Manage your Bankroll

Regardless of how confident you are with your gambling skills, always keep in mind that luck is a big factor when it comes to table games. The worst thing you could do is expend all your funds on a system that doesn’t guarantee consistent, nominal payouts.

The first step we recommend is keeping funds aside that are strictly for casino purposes. Next, setting both winning and losing limits for every game session will help you stick to the allocated budget and allow you to have fun while playing rather than stressing out about whether or not you’re losing money.

Do not try to recover your losses in one sitting. Give yourself some time and once you can objectively make a decision, go back to playing.

Use the Right Strategy

Setting up a solid strategy while you learn the rules of casino games can take you a long way. Implementing your strategy will show you whether you’re inherently a good or bad gambler and how tweaking it can benefit you.

Simple equations like calculating the Return to Player (RTP) percentage vs. the house edge percentage is and using the formula house edge percent x average wager amount x number of wagers to estimate your predicted losses can greatly improve your chances of winning greatly. To develop a strategy that works for you, do your research using the extensive range of free tools available online.  

Stay 100% Secure

There are a lot of unregistered online casinos that lure in unsuspecting victims and encourage them to deposit funds to unlock big rewards, only to collect the deposits and lock the player out of the site. This scam is becoming increasingly popular because it’s an easy, virtually untraceable way to hoodwink victims looking to make a quick buck.

To ensure that the online casino you’ve selected is legitimate, keep an eye out for the eCOGRA (or eCOGRA equivalent) certificate, which will be displayed somewhere on the homepage before you sign up. In Pinup Casino’s case, the licensing is provided by Curacao, which is a highly secure network. But don’t just take our word for it! Make sure you do your own research before you embark on this journey.

Don’t Stick to a Single Table Game

Why settle for one plate of mashed potatoes when you can eat everything at a buffet? Similarly, why would you try your hand at earning payouts from just one game when you can try out so many others?

There are hundreds of games available with interactive, engaging sounds and visuals as well as a host of rewards since each game has its own Return to Player (RTP) percentage. If you’re worried that you’re not familiar with a game, fear not! Most online casino games have a demo version where you can practice and see how well you’d do before you become monetarily invested.

This point can be a little controversial, as some recommend sticking to one game so you can master it and understand exactly when you turn a profit and when you’re about to lose whereas others recommend the ‘Jack of all trades’ strategy we’re discussing here.

Regardless of whichever route you take, one thing is certain: play the demo version! Understand what you’re getting into before you get into it.

Additional strategies to keep in mind

1.   Understand the Odds and Edges

Every game has its own way to win. This is more commonly refers to as odds. These odds are indicators of the likelihood of a specific event during the game and what the player will end up winning if the given event occurs.

There are two ways these odds are written out: Fractional odds and percentages. Take some time to really understand how odds and house edges work, and you’ll be playing online in a way that results in the best advantage to you.

2.   Rake in the Bonuses

If you’re a player who dabbles often, there’s a high chance you’re a member on a (or more) site that offers you bonuses, promotions, and VIP benefits. If you’re not, but you do enjoy playing on online casinos, you might want to consider utilizing these rewards to your benefit. Pin up, for instance, has an extensive range of bonuses they offer their members. From welcome bonuses to a percentage win on referring a friend, you’d be shock to see just how much money you can win.

3.   Spend Less, Play More

The best weapons you can add to your online gambling arsenal are sound judgment and caution. Rather than hedging big bets over a few games, add mileage to your online casino experience by placing smaller wagers and playing for a longer time.

This is beneficial for two reasons: you have higher chances of winning because you’ve dispersed your funds well and you can spend more time enjoying the experience rather than focusing on how much money you’ve won or lost.

4.   Don’t Buy Into Superstitions

Online casino sites implement the use of Random Number Generators (RNG) in their software. 

So it makes no difference if you woke up on the right side of the bed rather than the left, or forgot to eat your favorite muffin before you sat down to play. Superstitious practices or beliefs will not help you change the game’s outcome so we suggest utilizing some level of rationalization when playing online.

5.   Take Frequent Breaks

Focus is vital when it comes to playing online. Not paying attention to what you’re clicking or doing could result in some disastrous consequences, and you’ll be left furious.

The best way to stay focused on every game without compromise is to take frequent breaks between each game to recharge and realign yourself and set a hard cut-off of how many games you play in a day.

Take 5-10 minutes between games to engage yourself in another activity before you go back to wagering so you go into it completely alert and tell yourself that, no matter what, you will not cross a set number of games played in a day.

6.   Watch Out for Shady Sites

As we discussed at the start of the article, there are a sea of fraudulent sites, with more and more cropping up each day. Signing up on one of these sites could result in fatal consequences because they’ll have your personal information to do with what they please. Ensure that you are always playing on legitimate, secure, and trusted sites. 

7.   Minimize the Booze

This may seem like advice that’s a little too obvious and on the nose, but try not to drink too much when you’re playing online. Alcohol hinders your ability to make sound judgments, and you could end up spending way more than you expected, losing way more than you could have imagined, and falling into a rabbit hole of consecutive losses. This is why we reiterate over and over again, do not drink and gamble!

To Conclude…

Online casinos can be a nightmare if you step into them completely unprepared. But if you equip yourself with these strategies and really take the time to learn about all the possibilities these sites have to offer, these platforms can be an exciting way to entertain yourself and potentially make money off of them.

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