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SMTP IMAP POP3 Server used for ATT Email Settings

ATT IMAP Email settings are important for the incoming email services. Here are the things you need to consider for email settings using IMAP

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If you are looking forward to performing the ATT email settings, this post can help you. Here, we are going to share all the guidelines involved in setting up the ATT email. Correct Email settings are important to set up the email successfully on the devices. So, let’s proceed next and find the simple guidelines you need to follow to perform the ATT Email Settings and complete account configuration without any trouble.

ATT Email Settings: IMAP Server Settings

ATT IMAP Email settings are important for the incoming email services. Here are the things you need to consider for email settings using IMAP:

  • Your account type must be IMAP.
  • The username will be your ATT email address.
  • You need to provide the password for the username.
  • The Hostname for the incoming mail server will be “IMAP.mail.att”.
  • The value of the server port will be “993”.
  • For the authentication, you need to provide the username and password.
  • For “SSL/TLS”, you have to choose the “Yes” option.

Once you have made all these changes, you will be all set to use the ATT incoming mail services.

ATT.Net Email Settings: SMTP Server Settings

Below  is the step by step guidelines need to follow for the SMTP server settings for ATT email:

  • The account type must be SMTP.
  • Provide email ID as the username.
  • Use the ATT password.
  • Server Hostname will be “SMTP. mail.att.net”.
  • The value of server output will be 465.
  • For the authentication, you need to use your email id and password.
  • When prompted for “SSL/TLS”, you need to tap on the Yes option.

Once you are done with the AT&T email settings for the SMTP server, you will be ready to use the ATT outgoing email services without any trouble.

ATT.Net Email Settings: POP3 Server Settings

Below are the ATT.Net email settings for POP3 you have to apply for using the ATT email services. So, if you have chosen the POP3 settings,  enter the following information:

  • ATT POP3 incoming mail server must display ” inbound.att.net”.
  • The value of the server should be 995.

Enter the following details for the POP3 SMTP outgoing mail server:

  • The outgoing mail server must show ” outbound.att.net”.
  • The value of Port must be 465.
  • Put a checkmark on the ” require authentication”  box.

With the above-mentioned ATT email settings, you can easily set up an email account. However, in the case of manual setup, the steps may vary. In that situation, it is recommended to contact the ATT professionals for expert help.

A Detailed Guide On ATT Login Email Account

In this guide, we will cover all the details necessary with an ATT login email account. Here, you will learn to log in and troubleshoot the errors with the login. So, let’s get you started with your email account.

1. Creating an AT&T email account-

In case you don’t have an AT&T email account, you can follow these steps to create your new AT&T email account. But remember, to create an account, you have to be an active user of AT&T internet or telephone service. If you fulfill this requirement, you can follow these steps to create your account-

  • Select the Sign-in button.
  • After that, select the Create AT&T Account option.
  • Then, enter your phone number and Zip code to receive the confirmation code.
  • Following this, a prompt opens asking for the code.
  • Now, enter the code to verify and select the Continue button.
  • Then, on the next page, complete the information to create your AT&T email address and password.
  • Next, enter your user profile information and answer the security questions.
  • Lastly, click on Continue and check for the confirmation message.

You have successfully created your account. Now, you can use it as your username to access your AT&T services information. You can receive, compose, and manage emails on your AT&T email account.

Here’re some of the benefits that come with the AT&T email account-

  • You can check all your emails in one account, and you also get the privilege to customize the currently’s homepage as per your preference.
  • Also, you can organize your contacts. Along with this, you can also manage the events on the calendar.
  • You can stay informed with the latest news, stocks, sports, and weather.

2. Steps to access the ATT login email account-

  • Firstly, access the AT&T login portal.
  • Then, on the login page, enter your AT&T username and password.
  • After filling the information in their respective input fields, click on the Sign-in button.

3. Login to AT&T account from the webmail-

  • Access the AT&T webmail portal.
  • Then, enter your AT&T email address and password into their respective input fields.
  • Lastly, just hit the login button.

4. Troubleshooting the issues with the AT&T login-

  • Firstly, check that the device you use to log in to your account connects to the internet properly.
  • Also, do not forget to check your account login details. Please make sure that you use the correct details. Also, remember that password details are always case-sensitive.
  • Then, reload the browser page and then try to log in to your account.
  • Must use only an updated web browser. You can also consider switching your regular browser to a new one.
  • Also, delete the browser cookies and cache memory.
  • Disable the firewall and third-party software on your device.
  • Reset the password to fix the issue.

If any of the above troubleshooting solutions won’t work for you, contact AT&T customer support to resolve the issue.

5.     Steps to reset the password-

If you have lost your password credentials, you can recover them by receiving a temporary password or answering the security questions. So, please follow these instructions to reset your account.

  • Firstly, go to the AT&T sign-in page here https://signin.att.com/ and click on the Forget Password link?.
  • Then, on the next prompt, enter your User Id and Last name.
  • Hit the Continue button.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions to reset the password for your account.

6. Steps to reset the user ID-

  • Click on the Forget user ID?.
  • Then, on the following prompt, enter your contact email address.
  • Afterward, hit on the continue button and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your user ID.

7. Server Settings for the AT&T email account-

You can add your account to an email app. This benefits you to log in to your account easily. You can add your account to an email app with automatic or manual methods. In the automatic method, you only need to add your email address and password. Then the email app will take care of the reset.

However, sometimes email apps do not find the AT&T accounts, so at that time, you have to configure your account manually. To add your account manually, you need to choose your account service type. There are two types of services available, one is POP, and another is IMAP. After choosing your account type, further, fill in all the incoming and outgoing services with respect to your chosen account service.

We hope all the above process of ATT mail login will help to access your account.

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