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Share your efforts about CompTIA Security

by SMD Screens
CompTIA Security+ Training

What a school needs CompTIA Security+ Training to take some action (improvement) is the difference between “class” and “school”. If there is a school in the same municipality that is making advanced efforts, it is a good idea to inquire about the school’s efforts. You are in the same municipality, most of the hardware and software are the same, so it should not be so difficult to introduce advanced efforts. If there is even one teacher who is good at ICT in a school, the use of ICT will progress in that school.

In the case of complaints that the situation of efforts differs depending on the class in the school, the efforts will be slightly different. As I mentioned earlier, some teachers are accustomed to handling CompTIA Security+ Training (good at it), and teachers who are not. There are many complaints from parents in classes teach by unfamiliar teachers.

The method of receiving complaints

In such a case, I would like to avoid the method of receiving complaints from parents and adjusting to the situation of people who are not good at the school as a whole. This is not just the use of ICT, but in schools, it has been common practice to maintain “equality” and “fairness” in a strange sense. As an image, it feels like “fitting down”. I think that such an idea is necessary for a certain part, but especially about ICT, I like to try to “fit-up” as much as possible.

The utilization of ICT makes it easier for faculty members to share their efforts than others. We will adjust the amount of work to be do in the school and create a system that allows teachers who are good at it to fellow teachers who are not good at it. The point at that time is to reduce work. By incorporating ICT, we will reduce the work that we have been working on in other areas.

Reduced by incorporating ICT

There are types of work that can be reduce by incorporating ICT. For example, mailing news (school news, grade news, class communication, etc.). You can save the trouble of printing and distribution. The same applies to online attendance notifications. You can eliminate the complexity of your morning time by going online with what you used to tell using your contact book or telephone.

In this way, we will devote the time that could be reduced by introducing ICT to ITIL training and preparation time. It would also be possible to reduce what we have been working on by convention without much consideration. I would like to work on it with the feeling that the school will be upgrade further with Corona as an opportunity.

This project accepts questions from readers. Please click the button below and submit from the form display. In addition to the consultations that sent to the school, we are looking for consultation cases that parents should like to ask Mr. Suzuki about how to respond to, such as consultations that the parents gave to the school.

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