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SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

by ssdigitalmarketingservices

Increasing the number of visitors to your website by improving your search engine rankings is a highly effective strategy. As a result of appearing higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), an increase in website traffic has occurred (search engine results pages).

It’s true that there are numerous techniques to improve your search engine rankings and increase the amount of visits to your website, but most of them take a lot of effort and study to implement.

A good Enterprise SEO agency primelis in London, however, will advise you that a few easy SEO tools can save you a lot of time and boost your search engine rankings.

In order to improve your search engine rankings, here are four tips:

Utilize Only Authentic Images

For SEO purposes, it’s best to use photographs that were shot by the photographer themselves. Because of this, there are two reasons:

To begin, in order to get the most out of your photographs, they must be relevant to your content. Because search engines will pay less attention if your site doesn’t include original photos, you won’t get any gain out of employing them.

Second, make an effort to name your images with keywords in mind. These are taken into account by search engines, and if they match common SERP queries, you’ll rise in the rankings.

Your site’s photos that are linked to must include source tags. Inserting keyword-rich alt tags into images is the most effective technique to make Google understand what’s on the image.

For instance, the alt text for a photo of my new outfit on Instagram would read: “New Dresses for Spring!” People searching for such phrase would find this information.

Long Tail Keywords are a must.

The use of long-tail keywords can significantly improve your search engine rankings. These sentences are extremely detailed and relevant to what you’re aiming to accomplish. Here’s a case in point:

The new iPhone 7 is on sale, and we’d like to see an increase in our Google rankings. “iPhone 7 Price” is one of our keywords. In spite of its simplicity, this long-tail term is not providing us with the results we desire. Because it is so easy to target terms like these, it doesn’t make sense that our competition is getting more traffic than us.

“Cheapest iPhone 7 Deals Online” is the new keyword instead of “iPhone 7 Price.” Our competitors are still getting traffic for this phrase, but Google Trends shows that “Cheapest iPhone 7 Deals Online” has a greater search volume than the first keyword.


As a result, this new long-tail term is more likely to provide results. For this keyword, our competitors aren’t getting as much traffic as they used to, and we’re able to take advantage of it!

Quality Content Quality content has always been crucial for new york seo agency primelis, but in the last few years, the importance has increased. To get found in Google’s EDU SERPs, it is becoming more and more imperative. It is possible to improve your material in numerous ways, such as by offering information that is original and well-sourced.

In order to achieve a good ranking on Google, your material must be comprehensible to the search engine. As a result, while producing blog posts or articles, attempt to incorporate long-tail keywords and your primary keyword into the content. The search engine will see that your post is relevant to the keyword you’re targeting.

For example, keywords like “social media content calendar” and phrases like “how to construct a social media calendar” would be perfect when creating an article about making a social media calendar.

Don’t Be Shy

This is the final step: share your posts on social media! Your message will be more widely disseminated this way, and others who aren’t already familiar with you will be able to find out more about you. To get started, create a Twitter account for your company and use a scheduling service like Hootsuite to avoid spending all day tweeting.

Sharing is at the heart of social media, so take advantage of it. Share your blog pieces on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Here are a few extra pointers:

Create Backlinks

This is a simple way for bloggers to improve their search engine rankings, but it does need some study on the part of the blogger. Moz and Open Site Explorer, for example, allow you to examine who is connecting to your competitors’ sites and how they are doing it, giving you valuable information.

Make sure to check out the other website to see if you can gain a link back from them as well if you notice that a competitor has a link from them. Try to discover a large number of websites from which your competition isn’t receiving links and make contact with those sites, if possible. Building backlinks in this manner saves time and effort.

Your internal links should be optimised

A well-optimized website can have a significant impact on your search engine rankings. If you want to rank well for your target keywords, you must ensure that your website is properly optimised for those keywords, as well as for secondary keywords. Ensure that the anchor text for your internal links is relevant for at least two keywords on each of your site’s pages.

Screaming Frog is an excellent tool for determining whether or not your website is properly optimised. Your internal links’ click-through rate, the number of pages linking to a specific URL on your site, and how many of those links have been followed will all be displayed here.


To see if any of your URLs are broken, you can use this tool as well. Alternatively, if there are any pages on your site that aren’t properly optimised.

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