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SEO Services Mistakes You Should Avoid to Gain More Traffic

by nettonicsnz
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SEO services are the key factor behind the success and profitability of your business. Moreover, they also decide the effectiveness of its online presence. On the other hand, we see that the algorithms of most search engines are constantly changing. Thus, it becomes a bit tough to keep up with Google’s new requirements. It is indeed clear that investing proper time and effort is imperative. Along with that, quality optimization in order to achieve a better ranking during the search is essential. After all, the job at hand is not an easy one. Therefore, having a good eye for recognizing mistakes is indispensable.  We will talk about some common mistakes that most people commit.

Unappealing Meta Titles and Descriptions

In the first place, it is necessary to be mindful of this fundamental factor. Unappealing as well as meaningless Meta descriptions do not generate a call to action. Thus, such titles and Meta descriptions cannot be visible on search engines. Rather, a proper solution would be customizing the titles and Meta descriptions. It’s equally important to put only the specific data and information in order to distinguish them. Moreover, never forget to put the keywords at the beginning of the title. Likewise, the company name should be at the end of the title.

Loading Time Of The Website

When a website takes longer than usual time to upload, it is a sign of a problem. In this case, it may be because of a slow server or a poor network connection. Besides that, complex elements like a larger image or video may be the reason. This indicates they are slowing down the loading of the website. Therefore, make sure you optimize the website. At the same time, clear all such unwanted elements that hamper its swift uploading. If the website has animations, it’s necessary they are of short duration. In fact, remove them if they are too long.

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Using the Keywords in a Poor Manner

There may be keywords that attract a higher level of competition. Hence, many of them may be targeting visitors who won’t be interested in your products. Likewise, you may be using too many keywords. That is to say, they are poorly distributed and get accumulated in titles. Rather try to include your keywords in the URLs. For example, add them in the main heading (H1), in the subheading (H2) as well as in the text.

Neglecting The SEO Optimization For Local Services

A point often overlooked is that you might be neglecting the SEO optimization for local services. Thus, you may be using global keywords while targeting the users in a particular area. In this case, you should include only the region-specific keywords. In fact, use them in your Meta description and titles. It’s equally important to have a correct address in your website’s header and footer. Additionally, don’t forget to register your business in order to show with Google My Business.

Complicating The Navigation With The Website

Another big mistake could be with the design of your website. Unless it’s responsive people will fail to access your website. Apart from that, a complicated layout can make it hard to navigate through it. It’s absolutely imperative for you to take good care of your website design. Therefore, taking professional help through a digital marketing company will prove beneficial. It’s indeed the best way to deal with this particular issue. Ultimately, this helps your customers to access the content they are looking for.  

You’re Using Poor Quality Content

Creating good content is very important for your website. Rather, it is something indispensable. But most people hire low paid writers who use the spinning method. No doubt it may be a well optimized content. However, this will never leave a good impression on the reader. It will lack all the originality and uniqueness.  Moreover, it will fail to convince your customers and won’t make them act. Therefore, hiring writers who are capable of creating original content is the way to go. While you will have to pay a little more for that, the results will be propitious. It’s of course a good investment to make.

Using Exactly The Same Anchor Text For Each Link

It’s important to optimize your anchor text. However, you must remember to not use the same anchor text each and every time. It will appear very funny to all the visitors. They may believe you are a dubious platform trying to cash them in. Hence, try mixing all the things up. For instance, using variations on the phrases is a smart technique. You can also do the same as well as with your company’s name occasionally. Not to mention, this technique is also applicable to the URLs that make it look natural. Both the search engines as well as the visitors will work in your favor. Lastly, restrain from using the keyword to less than 50%.


Proper SEO services optimization can rank your website at desired level. Furthermore, it will help you to reach and target your audience. It’s important to realize that there are consequences when people leave the landing page of a site in seconds. Hence, Google concludes that the site fails to provide the relevant information to its visitors. So to put it differently, it is necessary to identify SEO optimization mistakes. It is equally important to eliminate them as soon as possible. Are you experiencing the same with your business or your website? Well, it is time to take the right action then.

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