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Sammy EHR vs. Netsmart EHR – A Detailed Review on Two Leading EHR Systems!

by ryanmike
Sammy EHR vs Netsmart EHR

Sammy EHR vs Netsmart comparison might help you distinguish these two leading EHR programs, which many users employ in their daily clinical practices. There has been a wide discussion among experts about these two systems. So, in this review, we comprehensively attempt to map a competitive overview between Sammy and Netsmart.

Sammy EHR Software:

Podiatry practices of any size who want to keep their own EHR can do it with the help of Sammy EHR Software. The nearly 30-year-old firm has distinguished itself from rivals by providing innovative services built on top of state-of-the-art infrastructure. This virtualized EHR solution can help users expedite administrative and clinical procedures by integrating with a practice management system.

Sammy EHR claims its all-encompassing software solutions for the healthcare industry would boost efficiency while simultaneously simplifying processes. Sammy EHR’s extensive collection of helpful features and adjustable settings improves efficiency in the medical setting. All relevant medical data, including photos and statistics, can be stored in one place and easily imported or exported for charting.

Furthermore, Sammy’s EHR software keeps track of who changes a patient’s record and when, so everyone involved in their care is always up to date.

Top-Rated Sammy Features:

Several EHR/EMR features are included in the Sammy EHR Software. However, the following features mentioned below are the top-rated Sammy features enjoyed and reviewed by the users:

  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Claims Management
  • Electronic Medical Records 
  • Appointment Scheduling

Netsmart EHR Software:

Netsmart EHR Software is helpful in many different healthcare settings, including but not limited to integrated treatment, general practice, long-term healthcare, health centers, the rehabilitation of those with learning disabilities, hospice care, and therapy services.

The EHR Software is a resource for the medical community, from frontline clinicians and nurses to the backend techs and administrators who support them. Useful for primary care physicians and therapists who need to keep track of a large volume of patients and associated data. Being cloud-based and requiring few resources increases its adaptability. In the realm of mental health, professionals have the option of using either an Android or Windows version.

Medical facilities of all sizes can benefit from using Viewpoint by Netsmart EHR Software because it is an engaging, integrated medical IT solution for coordinating healthcare programs. Numerous Netsmart reviews attest that over 130 distinct kinds of local treatment clinics in the USA use the platform.

Top-Notched Netsmart Features:

Though dozens of tools and functionalities are available in the Netsmart EHR software, the features mentioned below are among the highly lauded Netsmart features.

  • Shareable Data
  • Behavioral Health Tools
  • Different Devices Compatibility

Sammy vs. Netsmart Reviews:

To assess any EHR system and see how the program might add value to your practices, checking its users’ reviews is a practical approach to look over how the users perceive and their experience. Therefore, the following reviews might give you an idea of how each system is distinct.

Sammy Reviews:

Sammy reviews demonstrate the system’s high efficiency for its billing and coding tools and Podiatry toolsets. Many users also appreciate the Sammy EHR software’s support team services and payment tools that help in elevating the healthcare practice level. Though limited, prescribing tools and templates are user-friendly and relevant to user feedback needs.

Area of Improvement:

  • The technicality of understanding Sammy might be a bit time-taking. The system needs more simplicity for newbies who are switching to an EHR system.

Netsmart Reviews:

Reliability and a rich range of Netsmart features have been praised in many Netsmart reviews. Users state how easy it is to change or create entirely new templates. The system incorporates ambulatory and in-hospital treatment tools, which clinicians laud. Customer support is also seen as satisfactory in Netsmart reviews. 

Points to Improve:

  • A few users reported that the system sometimes gets frozen when several tools are used simultaneously. It needs to be improved.

Sammy vs. Netsmart Incentives:

Each program has its perks, or, to say, healthcare incentives, for its users. Therefore, here is a comparison of the incentives of each program.

Sammy EHR Incentives:

  • Sammy EHR allows doctors to digitally update prescriptions to patients, who can then pick up their meds in a more simplified manner.  Henceforth, there’s no need to physically bring each patient’s medical data to verify their prescriptions when you can do it all online.
  • The Sammy EHR dashboard gives a birds-eye perspective of everything that has to be done in practice. Sign in to see all the relevant medical data for a particular task. Patient confidentiality is ensured, and records are secure, thanks to HIPAA compliance.
  • With Sammy EHR Software, writing up clinical notes is a breeze. Henceforth, thanks to the automatically generated input tool, you will not encounter the same data over and over again. This effective way to find and fix errors can help you get things done faster and better.

Netsmart EHR Incentives:

  • Billing and consultation toolkits, among other practice management Netsmart features, provide precise and efficient patient-doctor correspondence. Patients are more likely to return for future care if treated well and are encouraged to schedule regular appointments.
  • The core functions of Netsmart EHR software can be accessed from any location. Users who have their devices linked with Netsmart will have constant access to EHR functions.
  • Comprehensive in its practice management features, Netsmart EHR Software also provides a standardized means through which hospitals and clinics can gather patients’ health information and provide reports. You can view a patient’s full demographic, administrative, healthcare insurance, authorization, and disclosure details within the system by navigating to the Patient Registration area.
  • The rich primary care functionalities of the Netsmart EHR may prove to be a valuable advancement to the healthcare system infrastructure as the value of attention to patients’ emotional and behavioral health is widely recognized. Some core aspects include recording, monitoring, and coding, whereas psychiatric care and a care plan are more sophisticated in Netsmart EHR software.

Sammy vs Netsmart Pricing:

The following pricing comparison will also give insight into whether the system is suitable for your budgeting or exceeds your range. Since pricing is an essential factor when choosing an EHR system.

Sammy Pricing:

Sammy EHR is priced midway between the three main categories. Therefore,  a monthly subscription to the service would set you back $359. The reviews agree that the software is well worth the cost and is among the best podiatry-oriented programs. The Sammy demo, however, allows for a live display of the software, henceforth which can be a good way of getting an idea of how the system might work for you.

Netsmart Pricing:

Unfortunately, the Netsmart EHR software’s pricing details aren’t disclosed. So, you need to contact the vendor to get a price estimation. Henceforth, you can reach any vendor; however, Software Finder has a well-reputed image for its pricing quotes and consultancy in the market. You can also request them for the Netsmart demo by filling out a form.

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