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The current health crisis is disrupting the entire Pakistan and global economy. SMD Screens play big role to awarness the population.  At the time of writing, this article half of the world’s population is confined and this rate is expected to increase. The luckiest continue their activity by teleworking, others resort to partial unemployment and for others such as the self-employed the situation is more complicated.

However, if there is one certainty to be had, it is that this crisis will not be eternal. Within a month or two, the country should gradually “deconfine” and economic life resumes its course. These dates being uncertain, it is advisable to anticipate this resumption of activity and to prepare its return to try to fill the shortfall.

In this article, we will discuss how we are preparing for post-lockdown and trying to limit its impact. We hope that our ideas and our point of view will also be able to give you ways to quickly relaunch your activity.


Like the majority of French people, we accept the containment measures and stay at home, most of us teleworking. If certain daily tasks are now difficult or even impossible for us. However, we have not put our activity on hold. The production of giant SMD Screens and our field meetings are certainly on stand-by, but we are continuing our development actions.

Action number 1: keep in touch

Regularly we make sure to keep in touch with our customers and prospects. The idea is not to continue our canvassing and promotion operations. It is rather to keep the link in this time when everyone is isolated. This involves the dissemination of information in our newsletters, or by contacting them for news. We encourage you to do the same. Do not harass your customers daily. From time to time, make sure to maintain the links that exist between your company and your consumers.

Action 2: take stock

Also, take advantage of this period which is slowing down to take stock of your activity. For example, here we take stock of validated orders, quotes sent, reminders to be made, financing requests invalidation, etc. So many steps that allow us to see more clearly and organize ourselves. We can thus plan the work to come according to the urgency and its feasibility in this period. Especially since clarifying things reassures about the actions already in place and those to be planned.


As previously announced, the lockdown will not last. Activity will resume, albeit gradually, but a return to normal is expected. It is even very likely that it will be for this summer. From then on each month will be twice as important. Both to make the expected figure for this period but also to compensate for the losses of the current months.

Action 3: Invest in the future.

Thus, as we have just mentioned, the months following confinement will be more important. It would then be counterproductive to cancel today’s investments that were planned for this period. Especially since this would risk slowing down the recovery even more.

On the contrary, the ideal would be to reinforce them. Indeed, investing in its development means giving yourself a better chance of boosting your business. Above all, it is to participate in the revival of the economy. Invest yes, but not just anyhow. The choice of partner is important. By choosing him, you also decide to help him relaunch his activity.

Action 4: train to be even better

Confinement gives us time for ourselves, but also for our personal development. The training centers have understood this well. We thus see the flowering of solidarity offers that offer you access to webinars or online training.

Take advantage of it, it’s an opportunity to develop these skills, for which we lacked time. At WIN LIGHT, if we are unbeatable on giant SMD screens techniques, we are for example less effective in communicating on social networks, a subject on which we have therefore chosen to work. Take advantage of SMD Screens to give yourself, even more, means to succeed in your projects.

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