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Online Jobs for Students in the US

by Ace626

We would be going over the best online jobs for students in the US in this article, we made sure to conduct a thorough research on this topic before coming up with the jobs listed in this article.

So make sure you read this article carefully to the very end so you do not miss any valid information.

You can not doubt that the amount of bills that a student has to pay during academic sessions.

And if you do not have parents with good amount of income source this can be very overwhelming for them.

This is the main reason why all the students in the world are looking for a way to make more money online.

In this article we would be going over the best online jobs for students in the US, please bear with us as we could not conduct jobs for students worldwide.

Although In the upcoming articles we will make sure to cover jobs for those not residing in the US.

Why Should I Get An Online Job As a Student

Lets go over some of the reasons why you should get an online job as a student in 2022.

Everything is Resolving

The world is changing fast, everyone now depend more on their online side hustle than their normal job.

This is because this jobs are not guaranteed you can go to work and get a sack letter that very day.

You Become Stable Financially

Even if you do not become very stable and you would not buy yourself a car, you will be a stable to some extent and you will be able to buy yourself the books and handouts required for your academic session.

You do not have to rely on your parents

If you do not have a scholarship to a school that means your parents would be the ones handling all your bills.

With a job like the ones that will be listed below you will be able to assist them with the bills.

Online Jobs For Students in the US

You should know that the jobs which I would be listing below in this articles are not easy to get and also you will need a good amount of knowledge before getting started with them.

Online Tutor

With this job you can earn up to $20 dollars per hour, well this is great because you will be teaching others things which you are perfect in already.

I recommend this job because when you teach people you get much more better and this will lead to exam success.

You can get an online tutoring gig on tutor.com, sign up and follow the steps showed.

Search Engine Evaluator

Do you know that popular search engines such as  google and bing relies on users feedback in other to update their algorithm.

You can earn online by becoming a search engine evaluator your job is basically to fill out the search engine evaluator form.

Google will then use the information you and many other inputted in the form to update their algorithms.

Where can you find such a job? You can find this type of jobs on Lionbridge or Leapforce, you can try out the both of them.

Social Media Manager

In the US as a social media manager your average salary ranges to $62,000 dollars and above.

As a social media manager you will be simply managing social media accounts of celebrities and popular people.

This type of job is for those who love tweeting and are always active on social media.

This type of job is very hard to get although if you get it then you are set to making a lot of cash monthly.

Networking and directly pitching firms provide the finest opportunities in this profession.

To begin, Google marketing agencies and check whether they require assistance with the clientele they’ve already secured.

Freelance Write

This is a good way of earning online, Freelance writing are for those who are good at english, content creating and story writing.

To get a freelance writing is somewhat hard, although with a proper training you will be able to get a writing gig faster.

An average american freelance writer can earn up to $61,000 dollars and above every year.


A transcriber or a transcriptionists is someone who turns audio files into text by carefully listening to the audio file and writing each single word.

You need a very good knowledge and training on transcribing before you can get started.

As a transcriptionists you can earn up to $18 dollars per hour.

Become an Online Influencer

This is a very hard task, even though it involves you just posting on your social media page and getting followers.

If you are popular on instagram for example you can get text from businesses begging you to advertise their products on your Page.

By popular I mean followers ranging from 5k and above.

Freelance Web Designer

With this type of task you can earn up to $61,000 dollars and above yearly.

You only have to design sites for people and businesses, you will need to be a pro at web designing and creating before thinking of becoming a freelance Web Designer.

To get a gig as a freelance Web Designer you will have to pitching your self to companies and businesses.

You have to put yourself out there because businesses can not just locate you without you putting yourself out there.

Resume Writer

Writing a resume and a CV is a little bit hard for some people who do not have any knowledge on how to write one.

If you become perfect in writing a resume you can go ahead and start getting paid to write for others.

Resume writing is also a lucrative business that can earn you up to $14 dollars.


This leads us to the end of this article on the best online jobs for students in the US, there are still other ways to make money online as a student even though you do not have a degree.

To get this jobs read our article on the online jobs that pays you up to $40 dollars per hour.

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