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New Things to Do in Dubai

by jacksmith
things to do in dubai

There are so new things to do in Dubai! Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai and on the ground floor of the tallest building in the world; Dubai Mall is a place not only for retail therapy but also for entertainment, epic shows and views, and believe it or not, relaxation! One of the best places to go on holiday in Dubai!


The first and foremost thing in Dubai Mall is; Hit the shops! Featuring over 1,200 stores, two anchor department stores, and hundreds of food and drink shops, Dubai Mall covers over 1 million square meters, which is the equivalent of 200 football pitches!

So now you’re already coming to grips with our advice to start right… For those in love with top brands, Fashion Avenue is dedicated to the likes of Burberry, Versace, Armani, Boss, and more.

This luxurious fashion complex boasts several VIP extras including porter services, and an exclusive lounge to relax in, and even has its own 20-meter catwalk where you can channel your inner top model. There are over 70 signature fashion shops and an entire area devoted purely to children’s fashion.

Dubai Mall’s Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

33,000 aquatic animals live here in tanks of 10 million liters. The largest sand tiger shark in the world also lives in this tank. This 33,000-liter tank rises up to the mall’s third tier and has a 48-meter tunnel you can walk your head around and above in awe of the creatures.

You can also take a glass-bottom boat tour, go to a snorkeling cage or take a dip in the oxygen tank to swim with the sharks. In addition to the above, admission is free.

Eat and Drink

Apart from the new things to do in Dubai; One of the best things to do in life is to eat and drink!

With hundreds of restaurants and cafes to choose from, there is something for everyone. Wagama, Itali, Operation Falafel, Carluccio to name but a few. There is also Cereal Killer Café for those fancy breakfasts any time during your visit. Fast food outlets such as McDonald’s and Five Guys are also available.

The best thing about eating out at Dubai Mall though is that there are restaurants outside. The water is visible from the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa.

Go Ice Skating

For the active, unless you love something, and can’t skate, this Olympic-sized ice rink is located inside the mall and is available to the public as well as shows. Ice hockey games are held, ice go-kart racing and the rink turns into an astroturf soccer pitch at certain times of the year.

If you are in that time zone then the shows here are great and a must. For those who want to spice it up a bit, you can even rent snow bikes! I know, sounds crazy, but give it a try, lots of fun!

Watch the Fountain Show

Showing up several times a day and night, and with endless themes depending on the time of year and what’s on, fountains are a must. Situated at the bottom of the Burj Khalifa, the water show can be viewed from the ground level or from the top of the Burj while looking down. Either way, you choose, both options give you a different experience and the show is no better from a specific viewing point of view.

Though images and videos don’t always do real justice; You can take a glimpse above.

Play in the VR Park

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular and more VR centers are coming up everywhere. Dubai never fails when it comes to showcasing new technology and when it comes to doing it the best.

Immerse yourself in a fully immersive virtual reality experience. There is fun for people of all ages here with fun, games, adventures, and much more. See what types of games there are in the video below.


While on the topic of fun and things to do for kids; KidZania is an adventure park turned a kid-sized city that encourages education through play.

Maybe you’ve had enough to drag your little ones on your arm while you’re dragging them around the stores, so you can let them burn off some energy here. If you’re really lucky, they’ll fall asleep in the pram afterward as you continue shopping. Worked!

Go to the Cinema

Get entertained by the latest movies at Reel Cinema. The cinema has several different themed rooms with luxury seating, 4D, 270-degree portraits, and even a dine-in and view by celebrity chef Guy Fieri.


Hysteria is an extreme fear experience. The haunted attraction, the first of its kind in the region, takes guests on a journey through their worst nightmares and deepest fears. This is not for the faint-hearted! If you are a thrill-seeker, an adrenaline junkie, a horror movie fan or you just love to try new experiences; This is for you if you think you are brave enough.

Final Words

Thanks for reading! Dubai Mall is indeed one of the best places to visit during your holidays in Dubai. However, it has a rival in Mall of the Emirates. We would recommend visiting both, as both have many different shops and things to do. There is an indoor ski slope exclusively at Mall of the Emirates! However, if you don’t have time for both and want to know which is better, we have you covered in Dubai Mall vs Mall of the Emirates.

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