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Luxurious Villas In Mumbai For A Getaway

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Aashiyana - The Palace

Luxurious Villas in Mumbai for a Getaway

Are you ready to go on a trip but don’t want the crowds of typical tourist spots? If so, what you’re looking for right now is an entry point to the most luxurious home. For those living in, around, or traveling to Mumbai there are plenty of choices for you. You can rent the most luxurious villas in Mumbai in which you can lay back and enjoy a relaxing time. Search the current location pin code.

Villas in Mumbai

Our hectic schedules often deprive us of the pleasure of escaping town for a weekend, However, what do we do if the place of our retreat is right in front of us? 

Therefore, without further delay, we’ll look at the 6 most luxurious villas in Mumbai to have a wonderful getaway. 

  • Aashiyana – The Palace

If you’ve visited the Dana Paani beach of Mumbai You must have been to some of the extravagant villas in Mumbai which is Aashiyana. Literally, it is just a few steps away from the sea! Although the name may conjure up ancient images that we have in our minds, however, the reality isn’t being. To know about the zip code, check out what is my zip code and you can easily find the zip code of the area you want to find.

Are you curious to find out what luxury this gorgeous home can provide you? Let’s begin now. The first thing that grabs your attention is the gorgeous contemporary architecture that is the basis of the beautiful design. You’ll be able to feel the warm atmosphere of the luxurious spaces. 

The distinctive pieces of furniture, as well as accessories, is just one of the main attractions. What else? You will find all the amenities and luxury that you can find anywhere. If you’re in need of some time to relax, walk out onto their beautiful green gardens and enjoy a relaxing stroll.

The villa is equipped with the option of eating in the house and guests can also relax in the evening with a mouth-watering barbecue. If the scorching heat of Mumbai is getting to you, don’t stay from taking a plunge in the pool or wandering through the rooms of the centrally air-conditioned villa! 

If man-made innovations aren’t your style it is possible to relax in the outdoor areas and enjoy the natural world. It is also possible to visit Madh Island for a sightseeing trip. You don’t have to fret about it since the villa can arrange it all for you!

  • Woodstock 90s

Are you searching for the ideal location to host an exciting party and gatherings? The Woodstock 90s could be the perfect solution to your search. Imagine two pools in your backyard and eager to dive straight in! Sounds like fun, isn’t it? 

It could be a weekend getaway with your loved ones or a get-together with your best acquaintances, Woodstock is one of the top villas located in Mumbai that can provide you with a safe and comfortable stay. The best aspect is that this property is located in the middle of Mumbai, located in Aarey Colony, Goregaon.

If you’re missing home while you are away Don’t worry! You can prepare excellent, home-cooked food. If you don’t wish to settle for the usual Dal and rice your house chef is sure to have some ideas to share with you! With high-speed Wi-Fi and rooms that are air-conditioned which make you feel cozy inside. The property has an extremely tranquil atmosphere which makes it the ideal spot to enjoy time to relax.

  • Aashiyana Villa – Aura

Aura from Aashiyana is yet another name for luxury villas located in Mumbai. Without a doubt, it is an extremely sought-after property in Mumbai. If you’re feeling that you require a break and a break, make a plan to explore this stunning property and you’ll be able to feel the peace. The property is situated in the peaceful neighborhood in Borivali East, in Mumbai The villa is a perfect example of luxury well and is the perfect location for a relaxing getaway.

It’s possible that you’ll feel a sense of familiarity with the gorgeous interiors of the house. Why is that? Because a variety of serials and films were shot at this stunning home. This means that you’ll never stop wondering which scenes from your favorite film were shot in this location! 

However, the interior of the building can provide an ideal backdrop for stunning Instagram-worthy photos. If we’re talking about the amenities here the pool space is the ideal place to fire up the grill and enjoy a delicious barbecue with your loved ones! What else? Yes! There are sitting areas that are open everywhere and you can also enjoy an evening bonfire while you are with your close ones.

  • The Yellow House Manori

There is a lavish property on Manori Beach. Manori Beach of Malad and it’s known as The Yellow House! For lovers of beaches, this is a wonderful spot. The sea’s rolling waves of the Arabian Sea and the splashes of water could (read will) provide a serene feel.

A perfect weekend or just a day at one of the most beautiful villas in Mumbai Imagine how wonderful it could be! The distinctiveness of this property is in the cozy atmosphere. It’s not just talking about this just in the interest of it. 

When you visit the stunning lounge and terrace can make one feel at the home you have always wanted to be at. You can also take advantage of the on-site dining and enjoy the numerous dishes from both local and international food styles. And, if you decide to set out and devote the whole day to touring the area, the villa is there to assist you and provide you with advice on the same.

For the most affordable travel deals, make your reservations via InterMiles! There are not only amazing offers, but you also earn miles for every purchase.

  • Mati – The Tree Villa

This is the ultimate place for those who are interested in sustainable living and environmental sustainability. If your eyes have become exhausted from seeing the grey, monotonous color everywhere you go Maybe it’s the time to relax and soak up the beauty that nature offers! 

What’s more appealing than Mati to do that. In the end, the literal meaning of the villa’s title is clay, which represents the entire theme of the property. While it is one of the most sought-after villas in Mumbai It is not much of a house rather a farm full of lush greenery and an enormous area. 

From the interior of the property to the food offered here all of it reflects a deep impression of nature. If you encounter any difficulties getting around the grounds or need assistance in your travels or sightseeing, you can always talk for help from the housekeeper. What’s more that you can engage DJs to play your favorite tunes that you and your guests are able to dance to! The property is located on the Vajreshwari Road of Virar, this eco-friendly property could be the vacation you really require.

  • Pikassa 411

Another great option on the list of top villas located in Mumbai is located inside the Aarey Colony in Mumbai! The tranquil and serene property is among the most ideal places to gather with your family and friends, have a quiet time, or spend a peaceful time with your loved ones.

With its spacious and well-furnished rooms, you’ll be able to stretch out your legs and enjoy a relaxing time. Imagine yourself sitting in a private swimming pool, with peace that can’t be described in words, but can only be experienced! It is essential to visit here to see your dreams turn into reality. 

What’s more? The gardens are the perfect location to relax and enjoy a cup of tea and take in the fresh air, which is not available in the city.


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