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Learn About Female Pattern Baldness And Its Homeopathic Treatment

Treat Female Pattern Baldness With Homeopathy

by SalenaMartine
Female Pattern Baldness With Homeopathy

Most often than not, people associate hair loss treatment with a male. But did you know that there are women who suffer from the same issues and have been trying to find out the proper treatment for their thinning of hair? In this article, we are going to learn about female pattern baldness, which could be treated easily by the Homeopathic Doctor in Mumbai.

 What Is Female Pattern Baldness?

Female pattern baldness, which is also known as androgenetic alopecia, is somewhat similar to male pattern baldness. You can only differentiate it with its pattern of hair loss. For example, in women, you would notice that the hair loss is in the pattern of thinning hair, unlike in males, where the hair loss is seen in the pattern of receding hairline. The chances for women to go entirely bald is lesser than the male, but that being said, almost 40% of the women suffer from extreme hair loss because of that. Thinning of hair gradually begins at the age of 25 to 30, and till 40, the hair loss is more evident.

Most of the time, the hair loss observed in the female is because of genetics. That being said, there are other factors too that contribute to hair fall. As there are many reasons for hair loss in females, it becomes hard for the doctor to diagnose and treat the problem at hand.

This is why treatment with homeopathy is very effective at a Homeopathic Clinic in Punjab. This is because it focuses on delivering more conservative medications that would help fix the problem at its pace. But the job of hair loss treatment would be done efficiently and from the root. This Is why you should go to your homeopathy clinic and learn about all the options available for you and treat it with personalized medications. 

What Are The Causes Of Female Pattern Baldness?

The most common reason for hair baldness among women is shrinking hair follicles. This shrinkage leads to the hair growth to be butchered up as it produces thin and short hair with a very shortening hair growth phase.

The doctor could not determine the specific cause of hair baldness in females, but they noticed a significant role of androgens, a hormone in the female pattern baldness.

On some rare occasions, the cause of hair loss could be tumors, either non-cancerous or benign of the ovaries or pituitary gland or adrenals that discharge androgens can also be the leading cause of female pattern baldness.

The leading contributing element that causes female pattern baldness is a genetic predisposition. It means that the patient has a history of hair loss on both sides of the family. This condition is most commonly observed in middle-aged women who are in the age group of 30 to 40. It is also evident in women who have had menopause. Women who are younger or in their 20s and are suffering from female pattern baldness are because of lifestyle, stress, and heredity. 

Treat Your Hair Loss With Homeopathy

You might wonder why homeopathy? Well, it is a medicine that does not leave behind side effects and works efficiently. So do not wait anymore and schedule your initial consultation at Dr. Sonal Jain Healing With Homeopathy.

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