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Learn 3 Exciting Poker Variants to Earn Money in 2022

by sandy21

Internet and games collaborated and created a massive stage for the Poker sages who are zealous of applying their poker skills to many money online. Grab a notch over the different real money game apps that favour card game enthusiasts to learn and earn today.

Play and Make Money through Best Poker Gaming App

Online gaming websites are a getaway to amateur and veteran poker players as they mark an entry into the historic era of poker mania. The past couple of years fetched a greater inclination and fondness towards this game of skill as players are willing to brush up their poker basics and make money online.

While venturing into the online gaming arena, choosing the right money game app is crucial. Many reputed platforms here feature cash games and daily tournaments to help you gear up in the poker race.

There’s a whole new lobby of options accessible for real money poker online, starting from the poker card game variants to the staking options. It is viable for beginners to get a thorough grasp over the best poker variants on leading gaming apps to surge up the winning prospects.

How to Earn More with the Money Game App?

Poker has always been a global sensation for card game enthusiasts. Perhaps, you need to inculcate finesse in your poker play by learning poker tips and tactics. As this is a game of skill, players who incline their interest towards honing it tend to make more money here.

Most of the top poker gaming apps in India offer Texas Hold’em Poker as the famous poker card game option. The game resumes as the dealer dealt 2 face-up cards to each player. These are known as the hole cards, and 3 community cards are kept in face-up position over the table. Any player making the best 5-card combination with top poker hand rankings wins the game or makes the rest fold via strategic betting wins.

All you need to do is download the best money game app in India for the tash game you wish to play and register online to get lucrative promotions and earn a decent income out of it.

Top Poker Variants to Play on Real Money Game App

Texas Hold’em Poker

  • This variant is the most popular game, and beginners tend to learn the basics with practice games on this variant.
  • 2-10 players can join in to enjoy this game, and the dealer regulates the rounds. Texas Hold’em Poker starts when the dealer makes the first bet, followed by the next player to the left in a clockwise direction.
  • The game proceeds once the minimum amount of blind is set, and then players take actions like call, bet, fold or raise to proceed with the game.
  • The main objective of the game is to win the round with the highest-ranking cards by using the standard poker rules.
  • You can also follow some additional tips for a real money play online listed on the top poker money game app.

Pot-Limit Omaha Poker

  • Players can also try out this poker card game variant on several money game apps, and its rules are on similar lines to that of Texas Hold’em.
  • The significant difference here is that the players are dealt with 4 hole cards instead of 2, and 5 community cards are kept in face-up position on the table.
  • Players need to form a best 5-card hand to create the winning combination.
  • The next thing that differentiates the two is the wagering pattern. Players can take actions like fold, call, raise or bet after every round in the game.
  • Fold replicates quitting the game, call means to repeat the same bet amount as the earlier one, raise refers to increasing the bet in the game.
  • In Pot-Limit Omaha, players can only raise their bets to that of the actual pot size.
  • Once you practice the game nuances enough and study pot odds, your chances to monetize your skills on the best gaming app gets a solid boost.

Open Face Chinese Poker

  • Another popular poker variant persistent on top money game apps is Open Face Chinese poker.
  • Player in this variant is dealt with 13 cards, and they need to create 3 poker hands in rows with various poker combinations.
  • Here, the first hand comprises a 3-card combination followed by two hands, each of 5-cards. All three hands must be in a specific sequence.
  • The 3-card hand should be of the lowest value, and the third 5-Card hand should pose the highest card rankings you hold.
  • Professional poker players usually go for OFC games as it involves intricate knowledge of this game and sharp knowledge of poker hand rankings.
  • Once you memorize them well, nothing can stop you from being a pro poker player.

Play with PokerBaazi and Earn Real Cash Winnings Online

PokerBaazi is India’s leading money game app in online poker that proved its presence on the virtual front for a while now. If you have the itch to grind and indulge in an online real money play, wagering on  the aforementioned poker variants here is a good idea.

Exclusive bonuses, android and iOS phone compatibility, top-quality graphics, and mentally stimulating gameplay are the few things that lure players to wager here.

Participate in the Sit & Go’s on PokerBaazi gaming app to enjoy the Break Time Poker Glory. This is a fast-paced poker tournament for the on-the-go poker fanatics who find quick time to engross in a small play.

The SnGs are the most action-packed tournaments on PokerBaazi, and players get to toss amongst multiple variants like the Turbo, Hyper-Turbo, Satellites, and the Time Bomb.

Highlights of Sit & Go:


  • Quick games for poker players who have a time crunch yet wish to play.
  • 24/7 ongoing games without any time limit to begin.
  • Low stakes with buy-ins starting at Rs.11.
  • Fixed payouts for top game finishers.
  • Best practice game for mining the deepest poker strategies before wagering big stakes.

Learn Poker from scratch and built decent wealth out of it with PokerBaazi. Hurry up and register now.

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