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Jewelry Showcase Designs and idea’s

Jewelry Display Stand Dubai

by Melody
Jewelry showcase Dubai

It is especially important in the Jewelry Showcases make a good first impression at the point of sale. Glass, plexiglass, and plastic are all common materials for jewelry showcases. Glass gives your products a very unique and exclusive look. You can protect your products from theft with a variety of locks.

On the one hand, Kling offers a wide variety of standard-sized jewelry showcases. As for tailor-made solutions, we offer them as well. Take a look at our gallery of references for some inspiration.

Do you plan to use new jewelry showcases?

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The first step is determining where the showcase should be located – table showcases or stand showcases are recommended depending on the situation. High-quality locks are used to secure the jewelry, which can be attached to the jewelry showcase itself as well as in the storage box underneath.

Perfect lighting is also an important feature of an optimal jewelry showcase. Jewelry showcases are primarily illuminated with LED technology, which is particularly effective both in terms of illumination and costs.


Melody offers a wide variety of jewelry showcases in Dubai, including rotating showcases, glass counters, and hanging showcases. Two jewelry showcases from our Basic Collection are shown here. Our current catalog contains all of our current showcase models. Digital printing, backlighting, foiling, and 3D lettering can also be used to customize our standard showcases.


Kling offers a wide range of tailor-made and individual showcase solutions, in addition to the standard showcases. We proved and optimized our skills through hundreds of customized implementations.

We either work from your sketches and drawings or design your model with the help of our Tablo design agency for the individually produced showcases. The size, dimensions, and design are relatively flexible here. In terms of color and finishing techniques, there are few limits to your wishes.

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