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Instagram Reels: Impact on Small Scale Businesses & Learning for You

by Fuel4Media Technologies
Instagram Reels

Nowadays, it is impossible to witness digital business success without making the presence felt on social media platforms. Not just big enterprises, but small scale businesses also rely on social media promotion with help of a marketing agency.

Concerning different social platforms extensively used for promotion, Instagram has come up on top for the last five years. In comparison with Facebook and Pinterest, Instagram is more attractive, innovative, and scalable.

Very few small companies understand the true impact of promoting their business offerings on Instagram. They more or less rely heavily on Facebook.

However, the time has changed and you need to change the strategy adopted by the social media marketing company you have hired. Reels are the most effective visual medium to showcase a brand in an effective manner.

Attention-grabbing less than one minute of videos that capture user’s eyesight and one keeps on scrolling to see more creative ones.

How Instagram Reels Help Small Businesses to Grow?

Reels are available in video format. That means, it creates more impact in comparison with still images. They have more in-depth information about the business, products/services, and USP in the video format.

Especially for social media marketing for a small enterprise, reels are effective to grab users’ attention at a glance. The best part is no such professional and expensive setup is required to make and edit reels videos. Even your smartphone does the ideal job of shooting, adding filters, text, and related music on reels for maximum traction.

But this is not enough. As a small brand that thinks to become big ahead, follow different ways to use reels as per your result-oriented marketing approach.

  1. Showcase new offerings: For a new and small company, getting widespread recognition is an imperative concern. By using the Instagram reel option, do include the product showcase option in your social media calendar. Try refreshing and unique ways to introduce new products added to the business. Moreover, showcase already updated products in a new approach like showing benefits, special deals, or price drops.
  2. Answer the queries: If you are into service-based companies, then you might receive several customer queries daily. Sometimes general queries are hard to resolve in a limited time. Thus, the best approach is to create a reel of questions and showcase the possible answers. Add the relevant tags and share the reels with followers to answer the query.
  3. Provide helpful tips: Just like showing product offerings and answering queries, provide tips as well. Instagram reels can ideally contain several tips in an image with graphics and video format to garner optimum attention.
  4. Create a pre-launch buzz: It is something every company must try before a new product/service launch. Create a pre-launch buzz by posting reels with 3 days to go, 2 days go, or something like that curiosity-generated content. It helps gather optimum attention and lets users stick to your social handle.
  5. Post BTS videos: Behind the scenes or between-the-shots videos are getting immense popularity and insights about a brand. As already mentioned, shoot BTS videos and showcase to users how hard you try to meet their requirements.
  6. Share exclusive offers: Use reels to post about product-related offers, discounts, and special season sales. Not much work is required to create images or video forms of offer-related reels for Instagram.

Real-Life Examples of Few Small Companies Experience Growth Due to Reels 

A. Sudden Jump of Handmade Greeting Card Company

A small greeting card company started as small in the initial days of 2017. The brand experienced a major jump in the form of 50k followers in just a few months of posting a few product-related reels. It was started in 2020 and currently, the brand witnesses a minimum of 17,000 views on reels. At present, the brand has gained two million views on most of the reels posted on the platform.

B. Product Enhancement of Chili Oil Company 

A signature chili oil company is literally a product born out of Instagram. A single person started the business on Instagram itself and keeps on posting recipe reels on the channel and garnering optimum attention from all sides. The brand reels have now stood out among several influencers and have become a stylized enterprise in a short period of time. In terms of numbers, the brand has gained several followers and even sells more than 1,000 units on Instagram itself.

 Concluding Thoughts

Building a brand through social media has become much more seamless and extended to reach the potential number of customers. It is imperative to understand the relevance of each social media meeting your business expectations.

Especially for small-scale businesses that have started new, doing Instagram marketing is essential to build brand followers. Make the best use of reels to market products/services extensively and receive orders.

Get access to the complete social media marketing packages in India of a renowned company like Fuel4media. The brand has enhanced the social followings of several companies that belong to a diverse set of industries. Start building your brand socially, financially, and extensively.

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