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Important Tips To Select Indoor Video Wall

by Mark Bruce
Video Wall

After learning how to select an outdoor advertising LED display, this article will teach you how to select an indoor video wall and how to buy a low-cost indoor LED display without changing the screen effect. There are several factors to consider before making your decision.


There are three elements you can take into account when using the environment: the usage occasion, installation kind, and control tactics.

  • Where Would You Install Your Screen?

Conference rooms, exercise facilities, exhibition spaces, marketing spaces, and waiting areas for trains and airplanes are the main places where you can use Indoor LED video wall displays.

Adopting the LED Display to display information will be eye-catching. The LED video wall installation method will vary depending on the location, and this will ultimately influence the LED Screen style selection.

  • Hanging Type: The screen could be hung using a hanging bar and structure. Some market stores prefer to display advertisements in this manner.
  • Ground Standing Model: So, if you have enough space or a suitable occasion to install a screen on the ground, a ground stand model is also a good option. A poster LED display for displaying store information, such as season discount activity, will have a positive impact. If you want to make a larger one, a ground stand structure for installing an LED cabinet is also acceptable.
  • Mounting Type: Mounting the display on the wall will make the overall environment look neater and save energy.

However, back maintenance requires sufficient space for both ground-standing and wall-mounting devices, which must be planned for; at least 50 cm of space should be left for human mobility and operation. If you don’t have enough space, a front maintenance type is fine.

  • How Will Your Indoor LED Video Wall Be Installed?

The Video wall is separated into rental and fixed installation variants depending on the particulars of your project or event.

You should select a rental kind that is portable if the LED Display will be frequently set up and taken down, such as when it is used for inside business publicity, or if the stage screen will be taken down after the event.

Fixture installation is the ideal choice when the LED display Panel won’t be removed after installation. Consider a market screen inside as an illustration.

  • Which Method Of Control Would You Prefer?

For LED displays, there are two control methods: synchronous model and asynchronous model. If a control PC is necessary to operate simultaneously with the screen, it makes a difference.

For asynchronous control, you could use a cloud platform, a PC, a mobile phone, an iPad, or a 4G or Wifi signal.

Take, for example, a market advertising screen; once installed, you would not change the content on the screen very frequently, and for convenience and tidy requests, controlling it via a mobile terminal is preferable to putting a computer on the ground.

However, for some temporary event use, such as a rental screen, using a PC to control the screen will make it much more reliable, especially with the use of video processors.


  • Warranty

When purchasing an indoor Interactive LED display, the warranty is an important factor to consider. Longer the warranty period provided by the supplier, the more secure the product’s quality is, and the more consumers can purchase and use the product with confidence.

 The brand of the LED lamp and the type of bond wire used in the lamp are the main factors that affect how long the LED display guarantee will last. Because different brands use different manufacturing technologies, the warranties vary.

  • Brightness

High brightness and good performance for indoor LED displays. The typical brightness of an indoor LED display is between 800-1000cd/m2. In general, 600-800cd/m2 is sufficient for indoor use and is the best brightness for human eyes. 

Some special indoor display screens will occasionally face the sun directly. In this situation, a display screen with high brightness is necessary.

To achieve indoor 1000-1500cd/m2 high-brightness performance, we can use the Nationstar gold line lamp or outdoor modules.

  • Refresh

The following are possible inquiries from some clients. When viewed in person, the LED display looks to be rather clear, but when viewed on a camera or phone, the display screen in the image appears to have what appear to be water ripples on it, which will negatively affect the performance of the LED display. “Water waves” is a common description of this. The best approach to this issue is to use a 3840hz LED display because of its high refresh rate.

Indoor display screens typically have a viewing distance of 1-5 meters.  At closer ranges, the unaided eye can see more specifics. A high refresh rate of 3840hz can provide the viewer with an excellent viewing experience, whether it is with the naked eye, a mobile phone, or a camera. There will be no ripples in the water.


Before you can answer this question, you must first understand the LED Display’s screen size and configuration requirements. However, if you want to buy a high-quality LED screen at a low price, this article will not help you. What we can do is get you the best configuration at the best price. The following are the specifics:

  • Low Budget; The Screen Only Needs To Display Images And Text.

An LED screen can routinely display images and text, but because it is an expensive product, it must go through a lot of quality inspections.

In this case, we recommend SAN’AN’s large chip LED and Chipone’s low refresh driver IC (960HZ ). In the meantime, DO NOT SELECT THE SAN’AN STEEL WIRE LED TYPE.

  • No power supply is necessary; just specify the appropriate configuration and cabinet

After determining the IC, LED type, cabinet, and maintenance method, you can save money by replacing the power supply with one of the same quality.

These power supplies are not well-known, but many customers have commended their remarkable quality despite this.

  • Define the configuration and power supply, but the budget is insufficient.

In this case, you may want to consider a low-cost LED cabinet, such as a custom Steel Cabinet or a simple steel cabinet.

For instance, the project specifies an indoor wall mount, Nationstar led, 3840hz, and a screen size of 1.92*1.92m. It perfectly matches our Die-casting aluminum cabinet-640*480mm series, so it is our first choice. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can replace it with a simple steel cabinet.

The gap between the steel cabinets may be larger than the gap between the Die-cast cabinets, but if you pay attention to the installation, it will not have a significant impact on the viewing.

  • No Designated Configuration, High Refresh Required, And Clear Installation Location

If you have no idea about configuration and simply want to buy a high-refresh led display, we have three suggestions:

Solution A: San’an Cooper wire big chip+3840HZ+Novastar/Linsn 

Solution B: Kinglight Cooper wire+3840HZ+Linsn/Novastar

Solution C: Nationstar Cooper wire +3840HZ+Novastar/Linsn

A>B>C is the cost comparison.

A comparison of configurations: ABC

Meanwhile, the cost of front-end maintenance will be higher.

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