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Important information About Apartment for sale in Istanbul

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Apartment For Sale in Istanbul

Apartment for sale in Istanbul are attractive to Arab and foreign investors, as many investment opportunities are available.

Some investors are interest in working in all kinds of commercial sectors, while others are interest in the industrial sector. Most investors are attract to investing in Turkish real estate, especially in the Apartment for sale in Istanbul. Since Istanbul has become a tourist center and a destination for tourists from all over the world. It has capture the hearts of tourists by buying apartments in Istanbul. Europe, and searching for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul. Spend your annual holidays and vacations in a charming city.

The decision to buy real estate in Istanbul:

When Buying a Property in Istanbul, there are several steps that you need to take to facilitate the buying process. Real Estate Investment in Turkey and Development offers top tips for the success of the real estate you want. ..

Important tip:

A successful purchase begins with the right real estate advice. This defines the purpose of the purchase (housing, investment) and the consultant presents. The options available base on the client’s request and the purchase budget that will be monitor.

Real estate advisors provide an overview of the city’s prime and strategic locations. As well as optimal locations for housing and other areas suitable for investment. Choosing a location is one of the most important reasons for a successful choice. Since real estate prices are cheaper than in other areas. So it is cheaper than what you pay in a second area and you get higher returns. After many years, the area is fully qualified.

But if you are looking for an Apartment for sale in Istanbul, you will find important areas near universities, shopping centers and the fastest available transportation, the metro, for an investment that pays your monthly rent. concentrate. These factors are accelerating apartment rental opportunities. It offers a high profit margin.

Also, if you need a guarantee investment, Apartment for sale in Istanbul recommends moving to an office condominium or a store. Since these assets are strategically locate in commercial areas. The demand for them is higher and more profitable than residential condominiums. Long term lease agreement. We also recommend buying a hotel Apartment for sale in Istanbul. The hotel apartment system is rent out on the spot and most of the construction. Companies in the complex offer the hotel system, ensuring long-term rental with amazing profits.

If your goal is to buy a residential Apartment for sale in Istanbul

It is recommend to choose an area away from crowds and far from the center and tourist destinations. We also recommend the urban modern style and the vast green Basakse Hill. Its area is a residential complex overlooking the green valley of Pashas Hill. And the area is consider one of the most important residential areas that include universities. Hospitals and shopping centers, and provides transportation links that connect it. All over Istanbul.

And if you like the view of the sea, your destination is “The Mermaid”. It overlooks the Marmara Sea from all sides. And is one of the best residential areas for foreigners and locals in Istanbul.

Also, if you want Turkish citizenship by Buying Property, it is recommend to buy under construction properties. One of the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship is not to resell. The property after three years and it is available to investors here. In this case until the construction work is complete and resell the property. Selling real estate and achieving high profits ranging between 35-45% of the property value.

Other additional tips

  • Ensure that a property valuation report is available
  • Inquire about the actual seller of the property
  • Confirm the type of the property ownership certificate (tab)
  • Verify the types of real estate allocation: residential or commercial?
  • Ensure that the property data on the bond matches the property
  • Make sure there are no restrictions or booking marks at your property

Apartment for sale in Istanbul offers more than 200 projects in prime areas of Istanbul for investment and real estate development in Turkey that are suitable for all housing and investment options.

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