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Important Details of Individuals & Societies Subject of IB MYP Curriculum

The IB Programme has created quite a stir among students and parents to enlarge the scope of effective and interesting learning.

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The IB Programme has created quite a stir among students and parents to enlarge the scope of effective and interesting learning. Instead of relying on just classroom learning modules, changes are on the run for students to learn practically and apply skills in the real world. Especially for middle-aged year’s students, the IB curriculum offered at a Singapore American school is an opportunity to fasten up the learning process and acquire broad skills.

One of the subjects of the programme which is Individuals, and Societies is important for students. Under this subject, students get to learn about humanities and social science. It allows the students to understand the world better and acquire the necessary skills of the historical, political, geographical, social, and cultural factors.

It is imperative for parents when deciding IB MYP curriculum for students and getting ready for Singapore International school admission to know about all subjects. Also, know something relevant about individuals and societies subject from this article.

Get to Know the Aim of the Course

* Under the course, middle-aged year students will learn to appreciate humans, the environment, and the diversity that prevails everywhere.

* Get to understand the interactions of individuals, societies, and the ecosystem to know the world better and closer.

* Understand how the environment and human systems operate and evolve over a period of time.

* Identify and develop several concerns for the betterment of human beings, enhance humanity, and relationships among each other.

* Act as responsible citizens and good humans to spread goodness all around.

* Develop the skill of understanding relationships, commodities, societies, and more.

Know the Curriculum of Individuals and Societies 

* The Singapore American International school develops the integrated concepts of humanities, geography, history, economics, sociology, business management, and other subjects in the course.

* The curriculum promotes students to inquire about everything about the integrated domains and enlarge the scope of knowledge.

* Students develop a deeper understanding of every discipline of the course and ensure key sustainability of all.

Additionally, students get to develop the following skills:

* Identities and relationships

* Fairness and development

* Personal and cultural expression

* Scientific and technical innovation

* Orientation in space and time

* Globalization and sustainability

Another key thing to notice about the individuals and societies course included in the IB MYP curriculum is the flexibility to engage with relevant and significant content accordingly. It is inquiry-based learning for students to explore conceptual, historical, and factual concepts. Moreover, the programme requires students to indulge in at least 50 hours of time in each subject area every year.

List of Topics Included in the Individuals and Societies

Here, we have the list of topics the students will come across:

* Significant individuals

* Settlement and urban morphology

* Demographics and human movements

* Rights and social protest

* Warfare and peacekeeping

* Superpowers, empires, and supra-national alliance

* Trade and exchange

* Ecological relationships

* Economic agents and their role

* Industrialization and technological developments 


Individuals and Societies is an imperative course included in the IB MYP curriculum for students to learn more about the world historically, geographically, politically, socially, and more. It helps young learners to maintain a better relationship with each other and with the environment.

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