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ij.start.cannon Setup Process for Every Canon Model

Ij.start.canon is an easy and speedy method to provide the ability to connect your printer to any other device, such as windows, Mac or iPhone.

by jackmall

You’ve searched ij.start.cannon on your browser and get confused about which site to open? Your Canon inkjet printer setup is still pending. So how do you get the correct drivers and software for your Canon printer and install it to start printing quickly? Here’s everything (Guide) you should follow to set up your Canon IJ printer.

Before you follow through ij.start.cannon steps, take a quick look on brief steps;

  1. Assemble Canon printer and set up its hardware.
  2. Use http //ij.start.cannon link to install drivers and software.
  3. Boot the printer display and connect to a network.
  4. Use WiFi for the wireless printer to connect with a PC or laptop.
  5. Use the cable to connect with a computer or laptop for a USB printer.
  6. Canon printer setup is completed.

Let’s follow all guidelines in step by step process.

Complete Setup Guide: Canon Inkjet Printers

Setting Up Canon Printer Hardware

All the Canon printers, either Inkjet or Laser, have almost the same procedure of their hardware configuration, and the link “ij.start.cannon” also gets you drivers option for all canon models. If you are first time user of Canon printer, then set up the hardware is essential;

  1. To start the initial preparation, unwrap all parts.
  2. You’ve got a manual, setup CD, power cable, and ink cartridge.
  3. Read the manual (Get started guide) and follow accordingly.
  4. Plug the power cable into the wall outlet switch.
  5. Connect the other side to the printer’s power cord.
  6. Boot your canon printer.
  7. Install cartridges shipped with the printer model.
  8. Put blank papers in the input paper tray.
  9. Turn on the printer again.
  10. If reading is zero, your printer hardware is ready.

Initial Hardware Setup Screen Configuration

The first-time screen on your canon printer needs to be set. Hence, configure the initial display using the below instructions;

  • Turning on your canon model will brighten the display.
  • Choose your language.
  • Read instructions in the display and go next.
  • Press OK on prepare for connection.
  • Your printer is in the mode you’ve chosen.
  • Further, you can connect network or press stop.

Download Canon Printer Drivers & Software

The most vital process in setting up the canon printer is, installing drivers and software. Though you can install shipped setup CD, the online drivers are also a better choice.


Http //ij.start.cannon –

  1. Enter “https //ij.start.cannon” in browser search tab.
  2. Open https://ij.start.canon site.
  3. Click the printer icon or “Set Up” tab.
  4. The product page opens. Enter your model name.
  5. You can scroll down and select canon printer.
  6. Choose your PC operating system from the top right.
  7. Click Download.
  8. If a small window pops up, select Save or Save as.
  9. Wait for complete download through http //ij.start.cannon.

Suppose you fail to download the software from http //ij.start.cannon, insert the CD into the disc drive port, double-click on the setup file, and follow instructions to install it. The only disadvantage of CD setup is that you can’t update the drivers and software.

Connect Canon Printer ToWiFi or Wireless Network

Before installing the software you downloaded fromhttps //ij.start.cannon, you have to connect your devices to a network connection.

Method 1: Connecting canon printer to WiFi has a few methods. However, we’ll show the easiest one here called – WPS push button method;

  1. Boot up your Canon IJ printer.
  2. Your printer WiFi button blinks, press Stop.
  3. Now, press the WiFi button and hold it.
  4. Leave the button when the Power light blinks.
  5. Ensure your router is wireless.
  6. Push the WPS button in the router.
  7. Leave it within 2 minutes.
  8. You’ll see stable WiFi and power lamp lights showing your printer is connected to a network.

Method 2: Standard Wireless Setup

If your router doesn’t have a WPS button, try this method to connect a network;

  1. Ensure your PC, laptop is connected to the same network as you’ll connect to the printer.
  2. Turn on canon printer.
  3. Press the menu and select WLAN setup.
  4. Press Stop and choose the standard setup.
  5. Select your WiFi connection name.
  6. Enter the WiFi password.
  7. When connected, press COPY.

Note: – Every time you finish one step, press OK to continue.

Canon Inkjet Printers – Installation & Setup

Now you’ve completed almost all the steps above, and it’s the final step you’ve to follow to set up your Canon printer completely. See and go through the given guidelines below;

Recheck a few things –

  • You’ve set up the hardware correctly.
  • Https //ij.start.cannon site has downloaded the software successfully.
  • Your printer and device are connected to a WiFi network.
  • If everything is set, install drivers and software using the below steps.

Install canon printer and setup Wirelessly –

  1. Open the file you’ve downloaded from https://ij.start.canon.
  2. Click Run or double-click on the setup file.
  3. Click Start Setup.
  4. Ij start canon file displays License Agreement, select Yes.
  5. If the Firewall Settings appears, click next.
  6. Select wireless on the connection method.
  7. Follow next if your device isn’t connected to the printer via WiFi.
  8. Select the wireless router on the installation screen.
  9. Provide the password and click next.
  10. Choose Canon printer as the default printer.
  11. A list of software drivers appears. Select them to install.
  12. Click next and exit to finish the canon printer installation.

Final Words

http//ij.start.canon is actually the official site of ij start canon that helps you install the latest printer drivers and software. Visiting https://ij.start.canon provides you a complete list of all canon printers where you’ve to select your printer model and download the correct setup file. Moreover, it’s a canon printer support site available with all troubleshooting manuals associated with your printer issues.

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