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How to use your products correctly in your skincare routine

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Although the world of beauty can be exciting and captivating, it can also confuse us. This is due to the overwhelming amount of information about skincare routines.

What Order Should You Do Your Skincare? Most likely, you have multiple products that are displayed on your bathroom shelves or kept secret in your cabinets. You may have wondered about the order of your products and their frequency.

If “yes”, then we will explain why the sequence is important, and how to make a skincare routine that is both efficient and enjoyable.


Routine skincare is important because the order is key

You want to love the products that you have chosen for your skin, so make sure they are properly applied and absorbed.

It is unlikely that serum will penetrate the skin if you apply a rich cream or oil to your face before the serum. The serum will then be an unnecessary part of your daily routine.

It is easy to see which order your cosmetics should be used by focusing on their texture. This logic follows the rule of starting with the lighter and ending with those that are the densest.


What happens if you go in an unplanned order?

First, products and assets could lose effectiveness.

However, in some cases, you can cause skin irritation or reddening, especially if you use ingredients that should be used individually.


What order should you use products for your skincare?

A beauty regimen can have many different products. They may differ in their effects, texture, or formulation. These are the key steps to follow.



No matter what your skincare routine is, facial cleansing should be performed at least twice daily. If this seems excessive, wash your face at least twice a day to remove any dirt, impurities, or pollution.

It is up to you to decide which detergent or type of cleaning product to use (either with a single product or double cleansing ). We could go on and on about the ingredients in good cleansers, but it is up to you to choose. Salicylic Acid is the best choice if you are concerned about impurities or blackheads.

You may be able to reduce the need to exfoliate if you use a cleanser that contains any of the above acids.



Although the tonic isn’t a required step, it can be very helpful for balancing skin Ph and removing dirt or other impurities that have been left behind after cleansing.

You can skip this step. Keep this in mind for days when your skin feels tight or in the luteal stage (the days before menstruation), when your skin might be more oily than usual.



If you don’t use a mildly acid-based tonic or cleanser, we recommend exfoliating once or twice a week. You can either use a chemical exfoliator or a physical scrub (a brush, or a product that has micro granules). It is essential to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your face. This will help improve cell turnover and the skin’s ability to absorb cosmetics.



This is an important step. Serums are amazing skincare products, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Niacinamide are some of the most intriguing ingredients in serums.

Apply a few drops to your face after you have applied the mist. The majority of the ingredients are easily absorbed so you can move on to the next step quickly.



To give your skin the best possible comfort, it is important to determine the ideal weight of a moisturizer. You can choose from fluids, creams, or rich creams. As long as they contain butter, oils of botanical origin, and ceramides, you are free to make your own decisions. Ceramides play a crucial role in protecting and healing the skin barrier.



We love face oils and recommend them as a skincare product. Although this isn’t an important step in your skincare routine, it can be very beneficial in certain climatic conditions and when you want to reduce skin water loss.

Use a few drops of the oil in your palms to warm it up before you apply pressure starting at the neck and moving upwards to the forehead.


Sun protection

This is a vital step to maintaining healthy skin. It’s also important if you want your skin to remain elastic and homogeneous over time.

You can find the best formula for you. There are many, so it is easy to choose one. Once you find her, make sure she becomes your best friend. Keep her close at hand for any reapplications during the day, especially when you are out in direct sunlight.

It will protect you against the harmful effects of blue light. This frequency of light is also emitted from all electronic devices.

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