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How to Use Pop-Ups and Lead Magnets to Grow Your Email List

by mounikaReddy


Pop-ups are a great way to convert visitors into email subscribers, but it can be tricky to know when and how to use them. In this post, we’re going to cover the basics of pop-ups, including what they are and when you should use them. We’ll also dig into some best practices for creating effective pop-up designs.


Pop-ups are a type of web page that opens when you visit a site. They can be used to promote a product or service, collect leads, or even just create an experience that’s fun and memorable.

Pop-ups work by stimulating your brain with whatever it is they’re trying to do. in this case, it’s getting you to click on their link so they can take advantage of your email address.

 lead magnet?

An email address is exchanged for a lead magnet. It can be anything from a PDF or ebook to a checklist and cheat sheet, to even discounts on future purchases.

Lead magnets are an effective way to grow your email list because they let you offer more value than just an advertisement or even just another piece of content on your website. you’re giving something away that people will want if they subscribe. Plus, since there’s no cost associated with these items, it makes them easy and inexpensive to create as well as share with others who might want them too.

How to use a lead magnet in your pop-ups

You can use a lead magnet in your pop-up to entice people to sign up for your email list. Lead magnets are anything that you give away for free, like an e-book or video, that makes it easy for visitors to sign up for your list.

Lead magnets should be relevant to the topic of the pop-up and valuable and useful. In other words, they should be things that people want and need but don’t necessarily have access to at their current stage in life because they haven’t yet achieved this goal.

When should you need a pop-up?

A pop-up is a great tool for growing your email list and converting more visitors into customers. It can also increase sales, improve customer retention, or even just make your website more attractive.

When should you need a pop-up? There are several situations when it makes sense to use popups:

  • When you want to grow your email list. If you’re not getting enough subscribers, adding an opt-in form on every page of your site could be the answer. Popups work especially well at this stage because people who don’t know about them yet will see one anyway and once they do see it and think “Hey! Why didn’t I sign up here?” then they’ll get excited about joining up with you later on down the line.
  • When converting more visitors into customers by using popups as call-to-action buttons or even just as another reason why someone would want something from you specifically.

How to get started with pop-ups

Now that you know what pop-ups are, and how to create them, it’s time to start using them on your site. The first step is choosing a plugin. There are many options out there, but I recommend Lead Magnet Pro because it has a simple interface and lets you set up multiple pop-ups in one place without getting buried under too much chrome or distracting from the content at hand.

Once you’ve installed the plugin on your WordPress site, follow these steps:

  • Set up a lead magnet by creating an email capture page. for visitors who opt into your list via pop-ups or other methods such as Facebook ads or Google Adwords campaigns.
  • Create an instance of Lead Magnet Pro within WordPress with all required fields filled out correctly so that when visitors click “Start Pop Up” after visiting this page they’ll be taken directly into an instance of Lead Magnets where they can start filling out their information and clicking ‘Next’ until they’ve opted into becoming part of our newsletter group.

Learn how to use pop-ups and lead magnets to grow your email list.

Pop-ups and lead magnets are great ways to get your audience’s attention, but they’re not the only ways you can use these tactics.

You can also combine pop-ups with other email marketing tools like drip campaigns, autoresponders, or email list-building services like Mailsend. If you have an existing list of subscribers who don’t mind receiving emails from you every now and again and if those emails are relevant to them you may be able to grow it by adding a monthly newsletter template as part of your regular emails.


Now that you know the basics, you can use pop-ups and lead magnets to grow your email list. If you’re ready to get started, we have some helpful resources below to help with that process.

# Step 2: Write Content for Your Blog Post

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