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How To Submit Music To YouTube Channels (Promotion Tips)

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  1. Why Promote Your Music On YouTube?
  2. How to Choose the Best Music Channels on YouTube
  3. Important Information Before Uploading Music To A YouTube Channel
  4. Getting in touch with a YouTube channel curator
  5. Use A Platform For Music Submissions:

You put in a lot of effort to create your brand-new, excellent song. Your efforts must be rewarded by having people hear your music. Every day, new music is continuously posted on YouTube.

This blog post will demonstrate the most effective methods for submitting your music to YouTube music channels as well as for promoting and disseminating new music on YouTube.

1. Why Use YouTube To Promote Your Music

YouTube has changed how people listen to new music all across the world. YouTube is the world’s most popular video streaming service and ranks with Spotify and Apple Music as one of the top music streaming services with over 2.1 billion monthly active users.

Many people around the world use YouTube to view and keep up with the newest music from their favorite performers. Additionally, there are a ton of influencers who are always searching for new music from artists to share with their audience. People that run and maintain YouTube channels and upload music from their preferred genres and performers are known as YouTube music curators.

Some of these music curators have amassed huge fan bases of devoted subscribers who respect the curator’s musical preferences.

The ideal situation for an artist is to submit their song to a YouTube music channel, and if the curator finds the song to be appropriate for his or her channel and likes it enough to upload it, the curator will do so. This is a major success for any musician as some YouTube music channels have over a million subscribers, which can result in an artist getting new song streams and devoted fans.

2.How To Find The Right YouTube Channels

Going online and looking out YouTube channels that post music related to your genre will help you identify the ideal YouTube channel to promote your music.

Many people listen to YouTube music channels by selecting a particular channel and letting it play in the background, much like they would listen to a Spotify playlist, with the addition of the song’s extra video. Additionally, a wide range of suggested videos are displayed right away when you start listening to a music. You may find it simpler to find more songs in your genre as a result.


3.What To Know Before Submitting Your Music To A YouTube Channel

A) Does the curator’s taste in music correspond to mine?

It is essential to have a curator who is familiar with the same musical genre as your own listen to your songs. Of course, you shouldn’t search for Hip Hop YouTube music channels if you’re a Future bass artist. In practice, a curator will post music to their channel from one or a few subgenres. If you send your music to a curator that does not specialize in your genre, they will most likely reject it and won’t bother to let you know. This is a waste of your time.

You should also be aware of the genre of your own music, as some musicians are not familiar with this information.

B) How many people watch and comment on their videos?

You must ascertain whether the curator’s YouTube films obtain a respectable number of comments and views for your own benefit. This kind of interaction can be studied because it shows how loyal the channel’s viewers and subscribers are.

You must conduct research to determine whether the videos on particular channels earn a respectable number of views. The more interaction there is, the more probable it is that channel viewers and subscribers will take the time to look for your music on streaming services like Spotify.

In order to offer your track more visibility inside such channels owing to their popularity among listeners, try providing links directly from Spotify/Spotify playlists wherever possible. This will also make things simpler if they need this information when they’re listening out later on.

The likelihood that a video will be found through a YouTube search will increase with a video’s level of engagement, which will ultimately provide you a higher opportunity of expanding the audience for your music.

C) How many people subscribe to the channel on YouTube?

Unsurprisingly, a YouTube channel with a sizable number of subscribers will be able to spread the word about your music to a wider audience. Therefore, submitting your music to platforms with a broader audience is worthwhile. Keep in mind that some YouTube advertising channels can easily purchase false followers in order to provide musicians with music spots.

Always consider a channel’s level of viewership, individual video views, comments, replies, and likes because these are difficult to fake. Verify that the commenters have a legitimate YouTube account, an image, and are real persons.

D) How frequently does the channel’s curator upload music?

Your chances of getting featured on a curator’s channel and getting your music discovered are stronger the more frequently they upload to their channel. There is no need to contact a curator who last published a video in April 2020 because they are plainly inactive.

Your chances of having your music on a YouTube channel with daily or weekly video uploads are higher than those of a curator who posts a video once every three weeks.

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4.Contacting A YouTube Channel Curator:

You should think about creating an email template to send to YouTube channels. You want to submit your music to once you have established a list of those channels depending on the genre of your song.

Be careful to include the following crucial details in your email before sending it to any curator:

  1. Your name and the name of the artist.
  2. A brief introduction to you and your music.
  3. The song’s title, which you must include.
  4. A description of the song, including its origins.
  5. Download and streaming links for your song.
  6. Request that the curators add your song to their YouTube channel.
  7. Links to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp & Twitter).

Send emails that are succinct, pleasant, and to the point. Daily, YouTube curators get hundreds of emails, more than they have time to read.

Make sure to personalize every email you send, which is crucial. Sending emails in bulk will reduce your chances of being added to their channel.

5. Use a platform for music submissions

You should do this if you want to submit your music to popular YouTube channels like Don’s Tunes, as well as to Spotify playlists, music blogs, radio stations, and more! One Submit can be useful!

One Submit is an online music community that gives musicians the chance to submit their songs to music curators, which helps them market and expose their music.

A YouTube channel curator (depending on the genre you chose) will listen to. Review your song once you establish a campaign and post it on the platform. They’ll add your song on their channel if they like it. That’s all there is to it!

It is quite evident that YouTube is a fantastic medium for disseminating and promoting new music. Every aspiring artist needs to make the most of the resources available to them. Simply uploading your songs to YouTube, Spotify, and Deezer won’t do much to market them. But appearing on user-made playlists can significantly enhance your chances of earning significant plays, which will help your music career as a whole.

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