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How to stay safe when working in a team

by StellaVanLane

Did you know that one in ten construction workers are injured every year? And those numbers can go much higher without implemented safety program! This data really makes you consider workers’ safety, especially if they operate in larger teams. So, one vital question arises: how to stay safe when working in a team?

Sadly, there is no simple answer to that question. Since construction and renovation workers go up and beyond to deliver the best possible result, they are frequently exposed to various toxic materials and safety issues. Since your team makes the client’s dream into reality, make sure they stay safe during the process. Here’s how to do so!

Creating a healthy work culture and workplace, in general, can certainly improve the safety of a team. Even though you work on a construction site, not all hazards come from physical dangers. The way the team functions and gets together is sometimes more important for safety. That’s why you need to create a healthy work culture.

If you want to improve your construction’s company culture, you need to enforce inclusion and mutual understanding. Construction teams usually consist of many different individuals, with distinctive backgrounds, personalities, and stories. Diversity in every workplace is desirable, however, you need to learn how to tolerate differences. Bullying and physical violence can sometimes occur, therefore create a healthy culture to prevent that!

  • 2. Take regular breaks

We all know how physically strenuous construction work is. Long shifts in rain, heat, cold weather, and wind can seriously jeopardize your team’s safety. On top of that, the pressure from investors or clients to get the job done as quickly as possible really puts stress on the team. What does that mean?

If your team is tired or stressed out, chances are they will make more mistakes or decrease the productivity and speed of their work. This can also lead to more serious injuries. Therefore, taking regular breaks is essential for safety. If you feel like you’re getting overheated, sore, or tired, take a short break. Have a snack and drink some water to recover!

  • 3. Worker’s safety

One of the main points every construction and renovation company should care about is the worker’s safety once they reach the site. Since construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in, implementing a safety scheme should be your top priority. What does it include?

The first safety tip for home construction and renovation is following health and safety regulations. Therefore, you need to obtain safety equipment and first aid kits for your team. On top of that, ensure your construction machinery is in its best condition. Otherwise, call the maintenance! Last, but not least, don’t pressure your team to work beyond their capabilities. Let them take a break.

  • 4. Employee development

Continuously working on the same task can be quite dull. Once we master the task, we tend to automatize the process, which can decrease our active attention and lead to an injury. Additionally, stagnation can cause job satisfaction, which will minimize productivity and possibly jeopardize safety. As moodiness spreads like a virus, put an end to it by promoting employee development.

Teach your employees all the processes during the renovation and construction. It can boost employee engagement and make their jobs more fun. On top of that, provide them with a bigger picture by explaining more about the project you’re working on.

  • 5. Communication and coordination

Dangerous environment and toxic wastes aren’t the only things endangering your worker’s health. Poor management and miscommunication lead to chaotic team processes that may end up tragic for the employees. That’s why direct communication between the teammates and the teammates and management is essential.

Informing your workers about the changes and providing them with updates is essential when working on the construction. Since reaching every member of your team takes a lot of time, consider getting an app or platform that keeps your front-line workers engaged. Find out more here about such tools that can improve communication when your team is on the site.

  • 6. Education and training

Last, but not least, you should train your employees for different situations. Even though hiring professionals is always a better choice, not every experienced worker has been through safety training. Therefore, organizing training from time to time can really help your team stay safe.

Since policies change and technologies advance, you need to keep your team up to date with all the novelties. Hold a course about the new machine you’ll be using, and ensure your team knows all the precautions. Testing employees from time to time isn’t a bad idea. You’ll get to see how much do they remember from the training and how carefully do they follow the instructions provided.

  • Final thoughts

Since the productivity of a construction team greatly influences the success of the overall project, you need to pay special attention to your on-site employees. By following the tips listed above, you’re creating a safer and more coherent team that will function perfectly together. The key is to keep your employees satisfied and motivated to do the job. The rest will follow!

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