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How to Remove Snow from Composite Decking in a Safe Way

by Liam

If you live in a colder area, your composite decking will most certainly be affected by snow and ice. While composite decking gives a greater outside space for your activities during the summer, snow might hinder you from using it during the winter. Although snow buildup will not harm your wood plastic composite decking as much as wood, it is still a good idea to remove it. However, how can you get snow off your wood plastic composite decking? This article describes how to properly remove snow off composite decking and offers suggestions for winterizing your deck.

Composite Decking and Snow 

When compared to wood decking, composite decking fares better when exposed to the elements. Snow or cold weather are two elements that might damage wood decking. It’s possible that snow has accumulated on your wood. Aside from that, moisture might seep through wood decking due to melting snow. When moisture gets into wood, it swells and finally rots. Snow is one of the issues with wood decks. The surface of Komposittrall is encased in plastic, which resists moisture absorption. When your decking is wet, the enclosed surface prevents swelling and decay. As a result, if snow accumulates on your composite decking and melts, the decking will not decay. Snow has no influence on wood plastic composite decking because of this. However, you may need to clear snow off your decking to allow unrestricted passage. Snow can obstruct mobility if the decking is close to your entrance; this is why it’s important to remove snow from composite decking carefully.

Preparing Your Composite Decking  

To prepare your träplastkomposit decking for the winter, follow these steps: Remove any dirt, leaves, or debris from the area. Remove any mold or mildew from the decking. Place potted plants on one side of the room. A tarp should be used to protect the chairs and grill.

Remove dirt, leaves, and other debris

You must clean dirt and leaves from the surface of your wood plastic composite decking before covering it for the winter. Pollen, leaves, and twigs that collect on your decks might decompose over time. When leaves decompose, mold and mildew will bloom on your decks.

Remove mold and mildew

Mold is resistant to composite wood decking, but it doesn’t imply mold can’t develop on the surface. Failure to maintain your deck will result in rotting materials settling on the surface. Mold and mildew will grow as a result of the decay. So, if you find mold on your decking after a thorough inspection, have it taken care of before the winter arrives.

Move Potted Plant 

If you have a potted plant on your wood plastic composite decking, you should remove the plant before covering the decking for the winter. The same may be said regarding the furnishings and the grill. To make your wood plastic composite decking free, place furniture on one side and cover it. By making these preparations, you will be able to safeguard and extend the life of your wood plastic composite decking.

Removing Snow from Composite Decking

Snow should be removed from composite decking. Gardeners remove snow off their composite decking in a different method than they do from their pathway. The surface texture of plastic wood decking is lovely, but it must be treated with care. As a result, gardeners must take extra precautions to properly remove snow from their deck surface.

To remove snow: 

If you have a tiny quantity of dirt on your decking, use a brush. For a few inches of snow, use a leaf blower; for deeper snow, use a shovel. Snow should be pushed parallel to the deck planks. For little amounts of snow, use a broom. If there is a tiny quantity of snow on your wood plastic composite decking, simply brush it away with a broom. A broom is the quickest method to remove snow from your deck while also avoiding scratching it. If there is a tiny amount of snow on the decking, garden owners should brush it away with a broom.

Use Leaf Blower

On occasion, a few inches of snow may build on your wood plastic composite decking. In this case, sweeping with a broom will be difficult. So, the ideal option for gardeners to get rid of snow is to use a leaf blower. Remove Deep Snow with a Shovel If there is a lot of snow on your wood plastic composite decking, the best choice is to use a shovel to push it away. To avoid scratching the decking planks, make sure the snow is pushed parallel to them.


You may use a broom to remove a little quantity of snow, a leaf blower to clear a few inches, or a shovel to remove thick snow off composite decking securely.

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