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How to Protect Your cPanel from Threats?

by hollyemilyhm
Protect Your cPanel

The online community is more dynamic than before, and every entity is making its way to drive further. Talking about this domain, the room is not only occupied by business persons but also by hackers and scammers. Protecting your control panel in the current times is a vital task you must pay attention to for your website security. This post will reveal how to protect your cPanel from threats to keep your website on a safer side. If you manage to protect your website from hackers, you can win the race. Keep walking with us to know more!

Ways to protect your cPanel:

It is imperative to keep your cPanel security tight as hackers are always busy getting into your website. Once they breach the wall, all of your data is lost, and you can do nothing with it. Why not take precautionary steps and ensure unbreakable security for your control panel? Here are a few ways to protect your control panel from external threats and cyber-attacks.

1. Keep your control panel updated:

You should first ensure you keep an updated version of the control panel, as it can keep you away from various security threats. If you ignore updating your control panel version, you probably stand a higher chance of vulnerabilities and external threats. The best you can do is turn automatic updates on and watch the notification bar.

Notification of update preferences is also essential if you want to upgrade to the latest version. Businesses with an outdated version stand higher chances of vulnerabilities and attacks from hackers, making their websites less secure and reliable. It would be better not to fall victim to these attacks.

2. Secure password is a better option:

Do you know that more than half of the cyber-attacks happen because hackers crack weak passwords? It is true, and still, most website owners ignore this point! Like the rest of the website owners, you will also have the same question in your mind: How do you know if your password is secure? Well, it is easy to crack!

To get to the answer to the above question, you need to go through the following points. If you ensure these points in your website, you better believe it is stronger and stands a lesser chance of being hacked.

  • Use at least eight characters in your password
  • Utilize a mix of alphanumeric numbers/characters to make it stronger
  • Avoid using significant dates/events
  • Explore as many password ideas as possible for a better product
  • Make sure your password strength falls into the green portion

3. Use a secure host:

Hosting your website on a secure platform could be a perfect decision and can bring unbreakable security to your website and cPanel. Most businesses think of it as an additional investment, but the advantages of web hosting are long-lived, especially for online businesses.

Website hosting companies ensure your website stays away from any threats by providing secure firewalls. Moreover, a managed web hosting solution means the provider will look after your server, and you don’t need to worry about anything. DO you want these facilities for your site? Consider connecting with UAE Hosting companies to buy a reliable plan!

4. Secure SSH:

If you don’t secure your SSH, there are chances of hacking attacks, and your website security might be at stake. Secure Shell (SSH) is a remote connectivity tool for your website where you can execute commands. If it is not safe and well-protected, you can think of the consequences.

Various businesses often opt for SSL certificates which are also security tools. However, during this activity, you must not ignore SSH, which is also a proven way to protect your control panel.

5. Enable Firewall:

Do you want to refuse all the unwanted connections for your server? If yes, it would be best to enable a firewall as it can help your cause. Control panel security is highly dependent on this option, and you can easily manage to build a solid wall around your website.

However, there are a few things you should pay attention to while enabling the firewall. Ignoring these points won’t do any good, even if you have enabled the firewall.

  • Block every IP with excessive connections
  • Block those IPs permanently
  • Set an IP time limit
  • Set connection tracking interval

Factors like these are essential toad security to your control panel, and they are easy to execute. However, the best you can do for cPanel security is to opt for a hosting plan. Who but UAE Hosting companies can provide you with the best and most secure hosting platform?

Join hands with a reliable web hosting company!

A web hosting company can provide you with many hosting plans and packages to launch your website. Being a site owner, you should explore every program and opt for the one that better suits your needs. Consider contacting these companies today!

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