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How To Prepare NCERT Maths For Class 11 | Tips And Tricks

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by imaadinarayan

The final exams are just around the corner. Students are busy with their last-minute preparation and are trying to get the most out of their study hours. But you do not have to be afraid as we have come up with some interesting details in each chapter of your Maths exam. These are quick and important tips for your revision that will reasonably help you prepare for the exams. Even if you have left some chapters to prepare for the last minute or to revise, these tips will help you go through them better.

How to score good marks in the Class 11th Maths exam?

Here are a few helpful tips for Class 11th students to get them ready for the Maths exam and help them to score good marks.

Plan Accordingly:

The students should first make a checklist according to your Mathematic CBSE Class 11 Syllabus in the form of a lesson and divide the topics into chapters. Now you start to focus on topics in which you are strong and practice as many questions as possible. Once you are done with these concepts, start focusing on the chapters in which you think you are weak. First, start writing notes on these topics, and then start practicing the questions from last year’s papers. Continue to revise the chapters in the checklist to know your daily or weekly progress.

Make Notes of Derivations and Important Formulas:

Regular studies and Completing your CBSE Class 11 Maths Syllabus on time win you half of the game. Complete your projects, assignments, and practicals in the allotted day and get them out of your way. Start with simple chapters and gradually work on topics that you find challenging. With advanced foundations, you will find that even the most complex topics will melt into simple and easy concepts. If you are stuck at any time take help from NCERT Solution for Class 11 Maths.

Solve Sample Papers:

Solving Sample Papers papers help students to get good practice for the final examination. Also, try to solve the previous year’s question papers. Solving last year’s question papers helped you to get an idea of the question pattern and marking scheme.

It will help to understand the structure of the questions and how you can score good marks. You can also look at NCERT Solution for Class 11 and try your hands on areas where you are weak.

First, examine the question paper:

Before starting to solve the question paper student should examine the question paper and categorize the questions into three parts, easy, moderate, and tough. Start with easy questions because it will take less time. Then Solve moderate, and last solve challenging questions. Solve problems that you are sure of to save time for other questions. At the time of solving big sums be careful about the method and use the correct Maths Formula. Also, check out the high-weightage questions and be sure to solve all these questions.

Make a balance between maths and other subjects:

No one enjoys solving maths questions for six straight hours. To get the most out of your day, start with a simple subject or topic like literature for an hour or two, and then move on to a challenging topic or topic when you have warmed up. For other subjects too you don’t have to study a lot just read NCERT books with NCERT Solution for Class 11. These two are more than enough for your school examination.

Eat healthy, sleep, and take care of your health:

Many students stay up late the night before the exam to study. It is important to remember that sleep changes short-term memory (you have just read) into long-term memory.

Therefore, sleep 7-8 hours every night to ensure that all the knowledge you receive throughout the day is kept in your mind.

Eating healthy food and drinking a lot of water is also important for health. We all heard the phrase “Health is wealth.” So avoid junk food and eat food that is easy to digest and healthy.

Explain what you have learned to your friends or peers:

Trying to explain the principles of a topic to someone who doesn’t know it yet is a simple test that can tell you how much you’ve learned. It may be a sibling or anybody else willing to listen to you calmly.

Do not worry about what you have left. But it is a good idea to be confident about the concepts you know and are optimistic about them. Keep on polishing them and practicing them.


Before the test, close your NCERT 11 book half an hour before it starts and feel calm, relaxed, and full of confidence. Last but certainly not least, having a good time. There is still time to improve your performance and get high marks.

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