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How to finish homework faster

by Pankaj K
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Ever wondered how can you finish homework faster? How many hours do you spend on your homework? If you are like other engineering students, then the answer would be not less than 8 hrs. Are you still wondering how to finish your assignment faster? Here is a solution. Following are some practical tips for engineering students that will help them complete their homework more quickly, allowing more time for other extracurricular activities, especially those you can’t you can not do during office hours.

Tip # 1: Right Timing.

First of all, estimate the number of hours required to complete your homework and allocate some specific time for it at a fixed interval, e.g., 10 am – 11 am every day. It would help you not get distracted by little things like – TV, the Internet or phone calls, etc., and focus on your work more efficiently. If you feel that you will not be able to finish the assigned homework in one go, divide it into two parts and allocate separate time slots for each piece, respectively. And don’t forget to take short breaks during homework completion as this would reduce mental stress and allow you to think more clearly. As a result it will help you finish homework faster.

Tip # 2: Set a goal.

How many hours do you plan to spend on your homework? If not more than 4 hrs daily, then set a goal of finishing the homework before time so that you can start something new. Use this extra time to further learn about any topic that is still unclear to you or take some mock test on the same topic you are struggling with right now. Some days, when your schedule is tight, it might happen that even if you have finished your homework within the assigned time slot, there won’t be enough time for other activities. In such a case, try completing it just before midnight because at this point, most probably, your parents will be asleep, and you can avoid distractions.

Tip # 3: Study first, clean up later.

Do you think organizing the study table first and then starting studying would help? The fact is no! First of all, go through the homework at least once to ensure that you have all the required concepts clear in your mind before starting it. And as soon as you finish a topic, don’t dump its book on the table. Instead, keep them aside for later use as well. This practice will save lots of time that otherwise would get wasted searching those books again and again during homework completion, hence you can finish homework faster. At last, if there is still some problem with any particular topic which is making things hard for you, visit your instructor or tutor before they leave college. It would allow you to clear all your doubts instantly, which otherwise would have wasted a lot of time during homework completion.

Tip # 4: Make a note of concepts, not formulas.

Most students are habitual in writing down messy formulas in their notebooks for each topic they study, but this is the worst possible approach ever used. Because even after so many efforts, if you cannot remember those formulas correctly, it would be worse than not having them. Instead of writing down those messy symbols, try making or preparing small notes in which you can write down all important points just like keywords instead of complete sentences. And fill up the blanks with appropriate words after returning from college to make it easier to recollect those formulas and symbols at the time of exams. Concepts are vital in any subject, specially in Physics. if you want a physics tutor who can help you build the concepts, visit My Physics Buddy.

Tip # 5: Work with your timetable, not against it.

Some students have a habit of completing their homework just before going to bed or just before leaving for college, which is not a good idea because these are the times when your mind might be tired and would cause you to make mistakes often. In such cases, instead of working late hours, try making optimum utilization of time by distributing various tasks throughout the day so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount. For example, if you have a backlog of 4 hours, spend 1 hr in the morning, lunch break for 1 hour, and leave the rest 2 hrs for the evening. Additionally, you can utilize 30 minutes for dining and the rest of the time for homework completion.

Tip # 6: Break down long-term projects into small chunks.

If you know that a particular project or assignment will take at least two or three weeks, then divide it up into stages. For example, for this week’s task, make notes about the main points in your own words but don’t write them in complete sentences; add all necessary definitions and try solving some mock test papers to gain confidence. After finishing the first stage, move on to the next one by revising what you have done previously and retaking a mock test paper. And when you feel that your basics are clear enough and there is no problem with your concepts, start writing answers in complete sentences and results and conclusions. This way, you ensure that you can finish homework faster in a stress free manner.

Tip #7: Pay someone to do your homework

Of course you can pay someone to do your homework. There are many homework helpers who can help you without charging a lot. Although it is not advisable to do it frequently but if you use such a service wisely, it will help you in your academics by giving you enough time to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Consider these six simple-to-follow tips that will increase study time at the end of each day, leading you closer to your goals if developed as a habit. If you face any difficulties, feel free to discuss them with us here. We would love to hear from you!

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