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How to Find Items to Sell on Amazon

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by Stella Sharon
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Finding items to sell on Amazon is simple once you are aware of the sources you can use to become an eCommerce seller. Wholesale and custom-made items are what many entrepreneurs and small companies initially think of. 

The other key to success in identifying products that you can offer on Amazon is being able to recognize profitable sales opportunities that are available on the platform. This starts with research on the product and fortunately, Amazon provides plenty of tools and resources that can assist you to do this.

Certain Amazon sellers employ only one method of sourcing, such as private labeling or retail arbitrage however, many succeed by combining different methods of sourcing. As you go through the different methods, don’t believe you need to pick only one.

Check them out to determine the one that best suits your online selling needs whether it’s making sales on Amazon or creating an empire across multiple channels.

1. Sell direct-source products.

Direct sourcing could be the most efficient method to source products for sale on Amazon. Direct sourcing allows you to buy products direct from manufacturers. Direct-source stock is available for purchase items, which means that the products factories already make for less per unit than wholesale costs.

It is also possible to have special items created to order for exclusive, unique items that stand out from other brands.

2. Use retail arbitrage.

In the process of retail arbitrage, you buy discounted retail items and then sell the items through Amazon. This sounds easy however, doing it correctly will yield profits and takes some effort. 

The sellers of retail arbitrage are professionals in the field of hunting for bargains and discounts at local stores and combining them with the most popular sellers from Amazon.

The trick is to know what is selling on Amazon on any given day and at what price. Also, you must be aware of the price of selling the item on Amazon. 

Amazon charges for sellers are around 15% of the selling price, and shipping costs can take a large chunk from your earnings If you’re not cautious.

3. Find private label products.

There are private brand products across virtually every category of the product including personal care items and cosmetics to kitchen equipment and pet supplies food items, gourmet, and more.

To learn more about Amazon private label products, click here

4. Offer custom printed-on-demand items.

The Print-on-Demand (POD) Products are drop-ship products that will be made after a client makes an order. POD providers handle everything for the customer, from sourcing and storing all the available items to printing the items when they’re purchased.

This is a fresher method to locate quality products that can be sold on Amazon and offers the chance to create your business on Amazon and even with the smallest budget. The only thing POD sellers design stunning and attractive designs, humorous phrases, or original art and sell them via Amazon-approved POS sellers.

Two things are required to be able to use POD Amazon product source. The first is artwork which can be printed on t-shirts and pillowcases. Other items include mugs, cups, and many other products available through POD sellers. The second is having an account with an Amazon-approved POD vendor.

5. Find wholesale goods.

Reselling products made by other companies fall under the wholesale sourcing model.

It’s simple to find wholesale products on wholesale marketplaces like Alibaba, Thomasnet, and other marketplaces. You can also go to exhibitions and buyers’ markets within your sector to locate the various wholesale vendors.

An online search is an effective method to begin your wholesale sourcing efforts and create an effective eCommerce business. Begin by searching for the title of the item you’d like to sell and then add “wholesale.”

6. Sell handmade goods.

Are you a maker or an artisan selling items that you hand-make? Do you wish to investigate this as a possible source? then  Amazon handmade category for you.

You must apply for a listing of your products on Amazon’s Handmade section the rules are stricter than on Etsy in many instances. A lot of Amazon Handmade vendors are Etsy sellers seeking to broaden their reach through Amazon’s massive market.

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