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How to Enjoy Air Conditioning Repair Singapore While Staying Green

by vincentmark

The air conditioning industry is a world leader when it comes to staying green. For years it’s worked hard to reduce the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere from its products, and the improvements made has propelled it into one of the greenest appliance industries around. However, electric air conditioning units still use power, energy that isn’t necessarily required. There are ways of staying green whilst still using your air conditioning unit, all it takes is a little forethought.Aircon Installation Singapore

Here’s a few tips:

Subsidise. Your air conditioner doesn’t need to be on all year round. Spring and Autumn should be tolerable enough without having to adjust the temperature in your home. Try using fans, opening windows or closing curtains to adjust the temperature in a room. Or think about what you’re wearing, could taking off or putting on a jumper solve your problem?

Watch the dial. Don’t be too overzealous with the temperature. If it’s freezing outside that doesn’t mean it has to be warm enough inside to walk around in your underwear. Air conditioning is meant to make a room comfortable, so don’t crank it to the polar opposite of the outside weather. Experiencing rapid changes in temperature could also lead to illness.

Efficiency. Think about the area you’re wanting to heat or cool. It’s a simple matter of fact that an air conditioner will not have to work as hard if the area is sealed from other heating or cooling sources. Make sure the doors are closed off to and from the room. Closing curtains or blinds will offset the temperature from outside leaking through the glass.

Read the instructions. You unit will probably have a guide printed somewhere on it explaining the best temperature settings for each season. Take head of the advice as it will offer the best options to conserve energy.

Regular servicing. Have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year, twice if you can afford it. Ensuring your unit is in perfect working order before the two big use seasons – Summer and Winter – will have it running smoother and more efficiently, saving energy costs and improving its life expectancy.

Repair or Replace. Air conditioners being world leaders in lowering emissions means there’s still going to be some old units out there that are perhaps not quite so friendly on old Mother Nature. Air conditioners used to use refrigerants containing harmful HFCs which, as the unit is a closed system, do no damage to the environment – provided there’s no leak. If you have an old residential air conditioner have it checked for leaks. Leaks could be releasing harmful emissions and making the unit as a whole work harder, meaning more energy used and more harm done to the environment. If your old unit is trustworthy and reliable, that’s fine, just keep an eye on it. If not, consider replacing it. Aircon Cleaning Singapore

The best thing about staying green is that is usually saves you money as well. Following these simple tips will see your energy bill dropping, but will also keep your environmental conscience on track.

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