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How to Draw a Potato

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How to Draw a Potato

How to Draw a Potato. The humble potato may not seem much when you see it, but it is used for various ends. It may include its use to create foods such as chips and hash browns to create alcoholic beverages. Despite its simple and robust appearance, it must be one of the tastiest and most versatile vegetables.

By learning to draw a potato, you can go even further in this vegetable immortalizing in a work of art! It is the guide you want to be if you want to know how you can do it. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing a Potato

Step 1:

Instead of simply drawing a solid potato, we will draw one that has been cut into slices for this guide on how to draw a potato. We will start by drawing some of these slices for this first step. To draw them, you can draw oval shapes on the flat sides of the slices. Then draw curved lines that move away from these flat sides to the sides of each edge. Once these curved lines are tracked, you can draw a little tone to complete this step.

Step 2:

We draw some additional slices for the second part of your potato design. We will currently add two other slices, and the method will be very similar to what you did in the previous step. It means that we will draw oval shapes with curved lines to give each slice the appearance of thickness.

To take this step is that these slices will be a little obscured by one of the slices you designed in the previous step. Nevertheless, it should always be very easy to draw these following slices as they appear in the reference image, so we will be ready to go to the third part.

Step 3:

In this third part of our guide on drawing a potato, we will continue with the trend we have been doing for a few steps. It means you can first draw a slice more next to all the others you have designed so far. Now you have dominated that, so this should not be a problem!

Once this slice is designed, we will add details to this new slice with those you designed in the previous step. Just add a few thick lines to these slices, as we did in our reference image, which will provide effective details of the shadow.

Step 4:

We ended with the slices of this potato design, so now we will draw the largest piece of potato. The method of drawing it will be the same as before. It means that you can start with another oval as if you were going to draw another portion.

The curved line you usually attract to thick slices will be much greater this time to show that this last piece is about half of the potato. It may seem a little naked, but we will add details with the final keys to the next step.

Step 5:

How to Draw a Potato

This fifth stage of our guide on drawing a potato is where we will finish the drawing to prepare for the last step, where you will color your creation. At the moment, we will add more of this detail of the shadow apart from the potato you designed in the previous stage.

After drawing these final shadow details, you can go even further, drawing a background for it! If you did, one idea would be to draw this potato sitting on a kitchen counter with other ingredients and kitchen tools. What kind of parameter can you think about this image?

Step 6:

How to Draw a Potato

Now it’s time to finish your potato drawing by adding colors to this last part. Potatoes are not exactly known for their bright colors, and we have it in mind when we color our reference image. For the inner parts of the potatoes, we use an opaque yellow color, while for the outside skin, we use some shades of brown to create more texture realism. These are just some colors you can use, so you can use new brands or change the nuances a little.

Color choice is only part of the process because the means you use for colors can also help make the colors more distinct. Picture media, such as acrylics and watercolors, can be perfect for a more classic look, while markers and colored pens can be used for a brighter color palette. Are you going to make one of these styles or perhaps a combination?

3 Other tips to make potato drawing easier!

Make this potato outline even easier using these 3 easy tips! This potato drawing shows the one that was cut into several slices. It makes it even more interesting to look at, but it also makes it more complicated. One way to make your task of drawing the horny UN potato facilitates. It would be another solid form, making it much easier to draw. It would also be an option if you want the potato to be more instantly recognizable, so it’s a tip you can go, even if it’s just because you prefer that appearance.

Then you can make this potato drawing easier by using a real potato to help it as you draw. We will be using a real potato to help you as you draw. It would be the best option and should be quite simple to get a real one to use as a model. Otherwise, you can use online images to help you as you draw. It can be done if you draw the potatoes in slices or solids. Using a real potato can also help you draw other variations, which opens many options!

Finally, another way to facilitate the sketch of the potato would be to integrate it with a larger screen. What we mean is that you can make a provision for other vegetables and foods besides potatoes. It would do more to draw, but it would also mean that the image’s image is divided. This way, you can get out of this with a lower level of detail, and all errors or imperfections will not be so visible. In addition, you will have an even more interesting image to admire, and you can include all your favorite food types and other articles!

Your potato drawing is complete!

Potato is a vegetable we know and love for everyone, and we hope you have fun creating this image by our side in this guide on how to draw a potato! Even simpler subjects like potatoes can face challenges when designing them, so we hope this guide has made it easy and pleasant for you.

In the end, what ideas of elements such as a background, additional details. Or color options will you use for it? When this potato is over, you can find drawing guides with more food, objects. And even famous people on our site. In addition, you will have an even more interesting image to admire. And you can include all your favorite food types and other articles!

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