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How to do winning presentations at school and college:

by jhnmxwell

When we are studying in schools and colleges, there is this one thing that we are most afraid of doing it. No, it is not giving exams. It is doing a presentation before everyone. It is the one thing that scares us most other than the exams. Presentation skill is one of the important skills in our academics and in our work life. Presentation is usually assigned to an individual or a group of college students in the name of a seminar. The idea of doing a presentation is to share their knowledge on a particular subject with their audience. There are many types of presentation and there are different rules and semantics for every type. The most common presentation done by college students is the powerpoint presentation. Powerpoint presentation includes presenting your PowerPoint slides on the screen and meanwhile explaining them to the audience. We are going to see how to do a well-prepared presentation at your school and college and get mechanical engineering assignment help from myassignmenthelp online.


Write down the ideas on your assigned topic in flashcards. Write down the important points. The notes don’t have to be in detail. You can add any interesting elements in between your content such as interactive questions, a little guessing game, and so on. Writing all the ideas on the flash or index card will help you to remember the main ideas. It will be helpful when you are preparing your powerpoint slides. Even if you forgot any main concept or point, you can easily recall it by going through the flashcards.

Do your research:

When you are searching for your content, don’t simply copy and paste it from any website. Do your own research and collect points from various resources. It is essential that you should understand and know about everything that comes under your assigned topic. In that way, you don’t have to just depend on the internet for your preparation. Do it in your own way. Try to add some quotes according to your quotes. Adding quotes will make your slides a little bit more interesting. Don’t trust the resources that are on the internet. Always cross check whether the information you added in your presentation is trustworthy.

Preparing slides:

This is the most important part. The slides are going to be seen by your audience all the time while you are explaining. You should pay attention and spend time on preparing catchy slides. Here are some tips that will help you on making slides that will attract others. 

  • It is important that the text font, size, type, and style you are using should be a consistent and formal one.
  • Don’t stuff your slide with the unnecessary information. Make sure that each slide has a limited amount of words.
  • Use a larger font size, so that the audience from far can identify what is in your presentation. 
  • You can use highlighters or colors to emphasize your important points.
  • Add images and illustrative animations to make your content more interesting.
  • Formatting is also an important part. Your slide should be readable and recognizable from far.
  • Limit the number of slides you are using in your presentation. It should not exceed more than 10 slides. 


While someone is presenting before you, you can easily find out who is well prepared and who is not. So, you have to do your practice well. Constantly work on how to say things and explain

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